Flat Rate Plus

Mobile Dispatching

Employee Satisfaction

Quoting a flat rate price to your customer allows your technician to work to the best of his/her ability.

Work Orders and Invoicing

Customer Satisfaction

Quoting a flat rate price gives your customer peace of mind that the repair price is guaranteed and not a “guess-timate.”

Signature Capture

Fully Editable

Complete and fully editable flat rate pricing. You have total control over item costs, prices, labor and materials allocated, and more.

Go Paperless

Increased Profits

By guarenteeing customers a final price up front, you’ll earn an average of $25 more per call with Flat Rate Pricing. If your technicians run five (5) calls per day you’ll earn an extra $125/day, $625/week, $2500/month, and $30,000 more per year, PER TECHNICIAN!

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Database

HVAC/R Database

Includes: heating, air conditioning, restaurant refrigeration, ice machines, gas/oil heating, steam/water boilers, ventilation, hydronics, heat-pumps and other repairs. We also include installation tasks covering all the major equipment manufacturers at no additional charge. Covers residential and light commercial up to 25 tons.

View Sample HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Reports

Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing Database

Plumbing Database

Includes: tubular, faucets, stems, drain/waste, drain cleaning, sinks, lavatories, toilets, well pumps & controls, disposals, appliance hookups, water heaters and other repairs. We also include, at no additional charge, installation tasks covering all the major water heater, appliance and fixture manufacturers. Covers residential and light commercial work.

View Sample Plumbing Flat Rate Pricing Reports

Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Databases

Electrical Database

Covers all of the important residential and light commercial repairs. You will find: lighting, ballasts, motor repairs, switches, wiring, disconnects, fuses, breakers, circuit extensions, panels, generators, power management, landscape, accent lighting and more. It is used by many of the nation’s leading electricians.

View Sample Electrician Flat Rate Pricing Reports

Flat Rate Plus Account Link

Quickbooks® Account Link

Our software optionally integrates with QuickBooks® and that makes service and installation invoicing simple. This easy to use software program is a must for contractors and service companies using QuickBooks®. It painlessly transfers your flat rate pricing information from your Flat Rate Plus software into QuickBooks®.

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