Banking and Credit Card Management

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Banking and Credit Card Management

Total Office Manager’s integrated Banking and Credit Card Management features allows a seamless approach manage your complete finance operation.

Banking and Credit Card Management

Credit Card Charge Management 

Easily maintain a list of company credit cards. Enter credit card charges and credits. Photograph and track credit card expenses from the field using our mobile app. 

Credit Card Statement Reconciliation 

Like our Bank Reconciliation system, credit card statements can be precisely matched with the credit card transactions recorded in the software. Discrepancies can be quickly detected and worked out. 

Secure Credit Card Numbers 

Credit card data is encrypted and the numbers are not viewable by users of the software. They can only see the last four characters and an expiration date. 

Positive Pay® Capable 

We offer full support for the Positive Pay standard which helps reduce fraud and theft. This standard is a requirement of some banks. 

Funds Transfer 

You can easily move money from one account to another. This process is faster and more transparent that an adjusting journal entry. 

Bank Deposits 

Our easy to use bank deposit system allows you to quickly get your bank deposits ready. You can group deposits or list each item separately. Save time by printing deposit slips or summary reports right from the software. 

Bank Reconciliation 

Total Office Manager includes a powerful and easy to use Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation system that matches financial transactions with actual bank activity. This can be done on a daily or monthly basis. A properly performed monthly bank reconciliation will help prevent fraud, theft, embezzlement, and help insure your books are accurate. 

Account Register 

Our Account Register makes is easy to review banking activity. You can search, sort, and drill down on all transactions. 

Trial Balances 

The software is self-balancing but many hardcore accounting types will enjoy our Trial Balance form and report. 

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