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Cloud vs On Prem vs Hybrid2021-04-01T12:53:27-05:00

Cloud vs On-Prem vs Hybrid Software Solutions

The Most Flexible Software Solution on the Market

Total Office Manager Cloud Hosted Solution

Aptora Hosted.  Leased Software.

  • Easy Implementation

  • Lower Upfront Costs

  • Higher Long Term Costs

Total Office Manager On Prem Solution

Self Hosted.  Owned Software License.

  • Harder Implementation

  • Higher Up Front Cost

  • Requires Ongoing IT Costs

Total Office Manager On Prem Hosted Solution

Aptora Hosted.  Owned Software License.

  • Easy Implementation

  • Higher Upfront Costs

  • Lower Long Term Costs

Cloud On Prem Hybrid
I.T. Staff Required No Yes No
Computer Servers & Hardware Included Client Responsible Included
Operating Systems & Software Included Client Responsible Included
Security Hardware & Software Included Client Responsible Included
Off Site Backups & Disaster Recovery Included Client Responsible Included


Which options will be the best price?2021-01-19T22:55:16-06:00

There are several ways to look at this so the best option may be different for each business depending on their financial strategy and technical expertise.

Cloud:  Requires less up front cost, but the monthly costs will be more over time

On Prem:  This is the higher priced option.  You are responsible for the setting up and maintaining the technology.  You would only be charged for the annual software maintenance agreement that gives you access to support, software updates, and fixes.

Hybrid:  Requires more up front compared to cloud, but monthly costs are significantly less

Will my integration selection affect my onboarding?2021-11-12T22:10:51-06:00

Yes.  If you choose the cloud or hosting option, we’ll setup your server environment for you.  You will just be responsible for learning and setting up your business on Total Office Manager.  If you decide you need to do on-prem, then you will need to allow additional time to setup your servers, security, and backup systems.

What happens if my data gets hacked or I become a victim of ransomware?2021-01-19T22:56:29-06:00

Hopefully this never happens, but nothing in this world is 100% hack proof.  The question is, what is your disaster recovery plan.  If you use Aptora Cloud then we will take care of restoring your software and data for you.  If you purchase the on-prem license, then you will be responsible for restoring your software and data.  Please note, that Aptora support includes how to use Aptora software and not how to do disaster recoveries.

Does Aptora use the same server environment for cloud and hybrid customers?2021-01-19T22:57:32-06:00

Yes.  Aptora uses the same technology including servers, security, backups, and everything in between for both cloud and hybrid customers.  Both options also includes full support and automatic software updates.

What is the difference between Cloud and Hybrid?2021-11-12T22:15:20-06:00

The technology and service is the same.  The difference is your Total Office Manager license preference.  The Cloud option is when the license is included with the monthly fee giving you the lowest up front costs.  Hybrid means you purchase the on prem license with an increased upfront cost, but you save on the monthly hosting fees.

What should I do if I don’t have internal I.T. employees?2021-01-19T22:59:32-06:00

If you don’t have internal technology experts who have the skills to maintain server environments, backups, etc. then we recommend either the cloud or hybrid option.

What business & compliance database requirements should you consider?2021-01-08T19:22:06-06:00

Some organizations are required to have their data stored within their company environment.  If your organization requires this, then you’ll want to purchase the on-prem license option.

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