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  1. Main Dashboard
  2. Income Statement:  This is a fully departmentalized income statement – right down to net profit (not just gross profit). Remember, this data is coming from Total Office Manager’s own accounting system. The data is complete, accurate, and instant.
  3. Detailed Division Report
  4. Technician Manager’s Dashboard (has list of technicians)

Here are some images from Total Office Manager’s Contractor Compass EGIA Powered Dashboards. These super dashboards are built into Aptora’s software and provide high-frequency data. The numbers are live and 100% accurate. The worksheets are built with MS Excel and are totally customizable.

What makes Aptora’s dashboards so accurate and complete is that they are built by the same company that built the accounting engine in Total Office Manager. QuickBooks® band-aide programs cannot provide such an intense amount of information since the systems are so different. Plus, you are not waiting around for the systems to synchronize at the end of the day. This information is live – even information that is flowing in from the field.