Management Tasks 

Manage On-Call Activity from Almost Anywhere

Enter customers from scratch, create work orders, dispatch work orders to on-call technicians, and monitor their progress from start to finish using the Aptora Mobile II dashboard. 

Enter Customers from Scratch

It is easy to add customers if they are not in the system. Many mobile programs will not allow users to create customers. This saves the office from reentering the service call information the next day. 

Enter Work Orders

Work orders can be entered from a customer. This technique saves time because you are not entering information that you already have. This reduces labor costs and increases accuracy. 

Enter Purchase Orders

What happens when you make the sale but need to order the equipment and other supplies? Aptora Mobile II makes that process easy. We have included the ability to quickly create a sales proposal that can be printed or emailed just like sales proposals. 

Monitor Technician Activity

You will be able to view work order status by technician. It is easy to see what service calls have been completed and what needs to be done to finish the others. Daily performance numbers are also easy to see and understand. 

View Management Reports and Key Information

Managers needs fast access to certain information and Aptora Mobile II delivers. Managers can view a list of daily service calls, see how much was collected, view daily estimates, sales leads, and purchase orders.  

Company Information

Managers have complete access to your company’s sales tax numbers, reseller tax identification numbers, federal identification numbers, company contact information, employee directories, and more. Your company will save time, money, and reduce aggravation because managers will not need to call into the office when they need that type of information. 

Affordable Pricing 

Other non-integrated systems can cost up to $300.00 per month per user. In one year, just five service