Company Asset Management 

Track Company Property 

Never search for an important asset again. 

Full Repair History and Service Records 

Track every penny spent maintaining your company’s property. 

Attach Pictures and Documents 

Any file on your hard-drive can be attached to an asset. This helps make identification faster and easier. 

Tool Assignment 

Assign equipment and tools to employees.  Hold employees accountable for lost items. 

Loan Tools to Customers or Jobs 

Track what tools and equipment were left at a customer’s property such as fans, pumps, and monitoring equipment. Optionally charge rent. 

Depreciation Schedules 

Create depreciation schedules for your assets and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting. Includes Straight Line, Sum of Years, Double Declining, MACRS, and Section 179. 


Your budgets can be fully departmentalized allowing your management team to know exactly what is expected of them. 

Compare Budgets to Actual Financial Performance 

Print income statements with side-by-side comparisons to your budget. This allows your managers to know where they stand on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Document and File Management 

Fully Integrated 

Document and file management is built into your customer, vendor, employee, asset, and company management systems. Organization of files and documents saves time, creates opportunities, and reduces legal liabilities. 

Auto Document Scanning 

Insert a document and click the Scan button. Total Office Manager handles the rest seamlessly. Save time and money because no special external software is needed. 

Drag and Drop Attachments 

Simply drag and drop files to automatically create associations. Drag and Drop will not work with Windows 7 Home. 

Powerful Search 

Quickly search by name, category, keyword, description, and more. Never lose another important document.