Flat Rate Pricing

We have been in the flat rate pricing software business since 1996. Our data has been used by tens of thousands of people.

Create Your Own Service and Installation Tasks 

Add and edit your own book of installation scenarios, repair task, and maintenance work. 

HVAC / Refrigeration Database 

Our optional database of HVAC and refrigeration repairs and tasks over both residential and light commercial scenarios. Save time by utilizing our professionally created list of thousands of tasks and items. 

Plumbing Database 

You will save countless hours with our optional book of tubular, faucets, stems, drain/waste, drain cleaning, sinks, lavatories, toilets, well pumps & controls, disposals, appliance hookups, water heaters and other repairs. 

Electrical Database 

This option covers all of the important residential and light commercial repairs. You will find: lighting, ballasts, motor repairs, switches, wiring, disconnects, fuses, breakers, circuit extensions, panels, generators, power management, landscape, accent lighting and more. It is used by many of the nation’s leading electricians. 

Fully Integrated into Accounting 

Our flat rate data is self-updating. It is fully integrated into the accounts payable system so the pricing and other details is updated every time you order a part or enter a bill. 

Multiple Pictures 

You can include numerous pictures and other details in each flat rate task. Nothing sells like a good picture. 

Offer Good/Better/Best 

It is easy to offer a set of options and scenarios to your clients. 

Requires versus Recommended 

We make it easy to create and present a detailed repair that is requires to get their system up and running. You can also quickly offer a set of high recommended repairs to keep the system going over the long run.