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Q: Why are we getting too many redirects when trying to connect to the mobile website?

A: The too many redirects is being caused due to the configuration on the server and how it handles HTTP to HTTPS redirection.  Many times changing the Advanced Settings on the website can help resolve this.  Other times, you may have to change the XML configurations for the website.  Here are some links to help you resolve this error on the mobile server:


Q: When our technicians come into the office, they can no longer connect to the mobile website.  As soon as they leave, they can connect. What is causing this to happen?

A: The most common reason for this to occur deals with the way your devices are accessing the website.  Most employees connect to the network when entering the building if their WiFi is enabled on their device.  When they do this, they are attempting to access the public website URL inside the internal network.  Simply put, it is like trying to open the front door from the inside using the outside doorknob.  That is really hard to do.  When you are inside your network and firewall, traffic is typically handled through IP Addresses and DHCP.  Have your IT professional make sure the IP redirection for the mobile website is handled when the devices are in the same building as the website server.