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Creating a Training Environment

Introduction Does your company conduct regular training for processes and workflows in your Total Office Manager company file? If not, this is a good process to begin today. As technology and software advances continue to drive the workplace, it is important you participate in regular training and exploration of your current business solution platforms. Perhaps …

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Automated Email – Usage

How to Use Automatic Email Aptora Mobile II – Auto Email – Usage is a continuation of Aptora Mobile II – Auto Email – Part 1 of 2: Setup. Please refer to this prior to reading. Reminder Email Reminders are sent every day of the week at 12:00 PM (noon) server time (the time zone …

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How to Import Service Agreements

Importing Customer Service Agreements The Total Office Manager import system includes two great import options called “Import Bills/Credits” and “Import Item Receipts”. This system will import all the required information to create a fully completed service agreement. Import Warning It can be dangerous to import financial transactions. Be very careful with who you allow to …

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How to Install and Use Contractor Compass Dashboards

Dashboard Introduction Contractor Compass is a set of dashboards designed to offer business owners unparalleled insight into their business. These super dashboards are powered by EGIA Contractor University. By that, we mean they closely follow the recommendations and best practices taught by the teaching faculty at EGIA. That faculty includes Aptora’s president, James R. Leichter. …

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Automated Email – Setup

Introduction Aptora Mobile II includes an automated email system for reminders, confirmations, and thank you messages to communicate directly with customers. This topic covers how to setup and use the auto email setup. Note that this feature is different from Aptora’s Automated Text Feature that is also offered. Please note that this content is part …

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