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Payment Terms

Introduction This topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating different payment terms used within Total Office Manager. Usage Terms refer to the payment options offered to you by your suppliers or vendors. It also refers to payment terms YOU offer your own customers. Use this form to create payment terms. Once you have …

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Standard Calculator

Introduction We have included two built in calculators – standard and loan amortization – for your convenience. These handy full function calculators will be especially helpful to you should you need to make calculations while entering data into the various forms found throughout the program. You don’t even have to close the data entry screen …

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Loan Amortization Calculator

Introduction the Loan Amortization Calculator allows you to calculate the monthly payments required to service a given dollar amount at a given interest rate. You can print out the amortization chart and offer it to your customer. You may also copy and paste the entire chart into your favorite word processor . Form Access From …

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Zip Code Lookup

Introduction This help topic will explain how to use the Zip Code Lookup utility. Usage This form is used to look up a zip code. Looking up a zip code will tell you if the zip code is valid. This form will also tell you what city, state, zip, and county the zip code belongs …

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Contact Log – Overview

Introduction Contact Log – Overview describes the various locations where logs exist for customers, vendors, your own company, employees, and assets within Total Office Manager. Logs are used to enter important notes and contact information.  This feature is similar to what might be found in popular contact management software. Form Access From the main menu, …

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