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How to Import Service Agreements

Importing Customer Service Agreements The Total Office Manager import system includes two great import options called “Import Bills/Credits” and “Import Item Receipts”. This system will import all the required information to create a fully completed service agreement. Import Warning It can be dangerous to import financial transactions. Be very careful with who you allow to …

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Equipment Type List

Introduction The Equipment Type List form allows you to categorize and classify different equipment titles within Total Office Manager. Examples include A/C Unit, Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace, Gas Water Heater, Electric Water Heater, Packaged/RTU (HVAC). Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | Lists | Equipment Type List Form Fields To enter a new …

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Batch Renewal of Service Agreements

Introduction The Batch Renewal of Service Agreements feature allows you to quickly renew existing Service Agreements that have existing Planned Maintenance Work Orders created in Total Office Manager. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers  | Service Agreements List or By either right clicking on the list form or going to the Service Agreement …

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Service Agreements List

Introduction The Service Agreement List is used to research and manage service agreements which have been sold to customers.  It can also be used to assign a service agreement to a customer without going through the sales process.  This is useful if there are a number of agreements which were previously sold to customers, but …

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Service Agreements

Introduction This topic will cover service agreements. Usage This form will keep track of the type of service agreement, beginning and ending dates, status and the value (how many visits are included) of the Customer’s service agreement with your company. This will list all the Customers equipment, especially all the equipment that they have purchased …

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Customer Equipment List

Introduction The Customer Equipment List is used to manage the records of customer equipment on file.  This list can and should include all of your customers equipment, whether or not they bought it from you.  This way, as you track the age of your customer’s equipment, marketing efforts can be made to encourage replacement sales …

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Customer Equipment

Introduction The Customer Equipment feature is used to track customer equipment.  This can include both new equipment sold to a customer as well as existing equipment they already own.  This data can then be used in a variety of ways including marketing to customers who have outdated and inefficient equipment.  More importantly, if a safety …

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