Invoice Items & Inventory Management

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Purchase Orders – PO List

Introduction The Purchase Orders – PO List is used to research and manage existing purchase orders within Total Office Manager. Form Access From the main menu, click Vendors | PO List. Usage Perhaps the easiest way of using the commands available in the list is via its right-click menu. To enter a new purchase order, …

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Printing Batch Vendor Checks

Introduction This help topic explains how to use the batch printing of vendor checks feature in Total Office Manager. Usage This form allows you to print multiple checks at one time. Each time you write a check, create an invoice, or create certain other forms in Total Office Manager, you have the option to check …

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Printing and Using Bar Codes

Introduction This article talks about how to use barcodes and Item Aliases in Total Office Manager. For this instruction guide we will assume that you want to print item labels that include bar codes. The bar codes will be used to speed up the process of data entry such as creating invoices or reordering. You …

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Inventory Assembly Items

Introduction Creating Assembly Items in Total Office Manager is a two-part process. The first step is to create an assembly item. The final step is to build the assembly. The build process is how Assembly Items are placed into inventory. An Assembly Item is similar to a Serialized Item or Inventory Part, except that it …

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Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List

Introduction The Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List is used to manage and research sales in Total Office Manager. The list displays all invoices, estimates, sales receipts, and credit memos issued to customers. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List Usage of Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List Right-Click / Title Menu Commands Perhaps the easiest way of using …

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Serial Numbers List

Introduction The Serial Number list gives you a history and shows the current Serial Numbers you have in stock as well as serial numbers for a serialized item you have sold or is no longer in stock. Form Access From the main menu, click Company | Inventory Adjustment | Serial Number List Field & Button …

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Warehouse List

Introduction The warehouse list keeps track of particular storage locations for your inventory. This form makes it easy to quickly locate your inventory by location via: Service Vans, Warehouse, Storage Unit, Showroom, Basement, Service Department , Branch office, etc. This topic explains how to add, edit, inactivate, and delete warehouses. Example: Many service companies find …

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