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Custom Work Order

Introduction Custom reports have been added to Total Office Manager for ease in making customized Work Orders and reports that reflect your company. You can use this same report builder to create Custom Work Orders, Sales, Credits, and Estimates. Form Access From the main menu, select Company | Lists | Work Orders | Reports | …

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Schedule New Appointments

Introduction The Appointment function is a tool used to enter new appointments. Usage This form makes it easy to quickly schedule a task to be performed at a particular time and place. Form Access From the main menu, click Company | New Appointment or From the keyboard, use the shortcut Ctrl+A. From the toolbar, click …

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Appointment List

Introduction Appointments can be found in two places: the Appointment List and the Schedule Board. The Appointment list is used to manage appointments made within Total Office Manager. Form Access From the main menu, click Company | Appointment List. From the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow just right of the schedule board button and choose …

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Appointment List Report

Introduction The Appointments List Report shows a list of the scheduled appointments from the Schedule Board and is customizable according to date, employee, customer, and appointment type. Form Access From the main menu, click Reports | Scheduling | Appointments List, or use the Report Navigator. Report Options Date Filter Options Date Range – Select from …

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Repeat Appointments

Introduction This help topic will explain how you can create repeating appointments from a single appointment that you have created. Usage Say you have a company meeting every Tuesday at 7:30 AM with your technicians; use this utility to create an appointment for every meeting from now until the end of the year. Form Access …

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