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What’s in this Help Topic

This help topic will explain how to setup Total Office Manager with Verizon Connect® or Verizon Networkfleet® so that the assets being tracked by those products can be displayed inside Total Office Manager.

It will also explain how to track a smart tablet or smart phone.


Aptora’s Schedule Board Mapping System (SBMS) allows you to see your appointments and work orders on a local map. What you see on the map depends on what Profile and date range you have selected on the Home tab (the schedule board screen). What you see on the map is basically the same as what you see on the schedule board. So, if you want to see an entire weeks worth of work orders or the map or just a days worth of work orders, you can do so.


map verizon

^ The map button is located at the top left of the dispatch board indicated in the above photo.

Tracking Options

You have the option of tracking your employees on the map. You have several options on how to do this and each has its own advantages and costs. Please contact your account manager for help decided what you would like to do.

Track the Mobile Device (smart tablet or phone)

You can track the mobile device (smart tablet or phone) the employees are carrying. This is done through the Aptora Mobile II® or the Geo Time Tracker™ app. The map communicates with the app to determine its location and then displays that location on the map. The map is updated every two minutes or by your preference. All tracking data is stored inside the Total Office Manager database. This solution provides simple and very inexpensive tracking.

Track the Vehicle with Verizon (asset tracking device installed within the work truck)

You can track your vehicles through two Verizon Connect® products which are Verizon Networkfleet® or Fleetmatics®. Each of these Verizon products must be purchased through Verizon and they have their own fees.

Here is a link to Verizon: https://www.verizonconnect.com/solutions/gps-fleet-tracking-software/

We integrate with these products by communicating with their service and displaying the location of their device (your vehicle) on our map. You still have your own account with Verizon and you still have all of the same features that they offer through their website interface. In addition to what they offer you, we display your vehicle’s location on our map. All tracking data is stored inside the Total Office Manager database.

Prerequisites for Customer

  • 1. Own Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II along with an active support plan. Aptora Mobile II has to be running for the Verizon tracking system to work.
  • 2. Own the Schedule Board Mapping System (SBMS). This is the map feature built into the schedule board. The service agreement for this product must be active as well. On premise users pay a yearly fee to keep the support agreement active. Hosted users pay a monthly fee.
  • 3. You need a GPS Tracking license for each asset you wish to track. These are purchased through Aptora. Please speak to your account manager for more information.
  • 4. For Verizon integration, you must have their system completely installed and operational. This means you will need a monthly plan and their GPS Trackers installed in one or more of your vehicles. You will need to purchase GPS Trackers through Verizon as normal. Each device is plugged into the ODB-II port of the vehicle. You will need to contact Verizon to create a new developer account and turn on developer services. This allows us to communicate with their service (through their API). We tell you how to do that below.


verizon tracker device

Verizon® Networkfleet Integration

Registering the Tracking Device

1. Use the developer account to create a new Client Key.

  • a. Go to https://developer.networkfleet.com/login/auth
  • b. From the Getting Started menu option at the top of the page, click Getting Started and look for the

Key Management Page hyperlink. This link may work:


  • c. Click the “Register New Client” button.
  • d. Enter a Client ID and Client Secret
  • e. Document the Client ID and Client Secret for later use


register new client verizon

Verizon® Fleetmatics Integration

Registering the Tracking Device

You will need to call your Verizon sales representative and request a Developer’s Key. As of the date this article was created, they did not have a way to obtain one through their website.

Activating Your Aptora Schedule Board Map

If you have not already activated the mapping feature in Aptora’s schedule board, you will need to get that done next. When you invest in the mapping option, you will be giving a registration number by your Aptora Account Manager. When you attempt to open the schedule board map, it will ask you for that registration number.

Enter Your Verizon Credentials in Total Office Manager

You should now see the option to enter you Verizon credentials appears on the Map menu bar.

  • 1. Click on the Verizon Networkfleet (left) or Fleetmatics (right) menu button
  • 2. Enter your Verizon credentials
  • 3. Click the SUBMIT button


Verizon update image

Setting Up the Assets to be Tracked

You need to tell Total Office Manager what devices it needs to look for and track. Please make sure all assets in Total Office Manager have the required information.

Vehicles with Tracking Devices Installed

  • 1. Your vehicle’s VIN number. Important: This is to match the Verizon record to the corresponding Total Office Manager Vehicle Asset. This must be the same VIN entered in Verizon’s system.
  • 2. The “Track on Schedule Board Map” option is checked. Please be sure that you do not check more of these boxes than you have tracking licenses from Aptora. For example, if you setup ten assets to track and you have five actual tracking licenses from Aptora, your may will display only five assets.


edit asset verizon

Mobile Devices with the Aptora Mobile II App Installed

The process is the same for setting up a mobile device such as a phone or tablet computer. Be sure to select the Cellular Device Asset Type. You will need to enter the Aptora Mobile II App ID. This number is displayed within your app. You will also need the mobile device’s MEID. This is usually found within the device’s About screen.


edit asset verizon2

Accessing GPS Tracking Information

In addition to using your schedule board map, we offer you the ability to access a complete set of GPS tracking records.

In Total Office Manager, click Reports | Custom Data Views. This will open a CDV form. From the main menu at the top, click Data Views and select GPS Tracking List. You can print preview, export, or build custom reports using the data.

In Aptora Mobile II, click More | Lists | GPS Tracking List. A list should open with your tracking information. This list is grouped by source (e.g.: Android, Apple, Verizon).

You can expand on the Source column to see all of the activity from that source.

The Contact Information will display specific names and locations of the GPS coordinates (when available).

You have the ability to click a button which will open a map) depending on your mobile device) and display that location on that map.

Note: We have no control over what map is opened and how those results are displayed. That operation is performed by the mobile device.


gps location coordinates

Tips and Troubleshooting

1. When entering your Verizon credentials, keep in mind that you are not entering your regular website log in information. You are entering your special Developer’s credentials called API Developer Client Key. At this time, we don’t attempt to validate those credentials when they are entered.

2. You can set the refresh rate of your Total Office Manager map from thirty seconds to ten minutes. We recommend no quicker than every two minutes. Each refresh freezes the schedule board for a moment.

3. Verizon devices report their data every two minutes (per device). Your map will likely not be in sync with the device’s refresh integral.

4. When the vehicle is traveling below ten miles per hour, Verizon returns a heading of zero.

5. Be sure that you do not have the same VIN in two or more assets that are being tracked. This will create multiple GPS entries.

6. Aptora Mobile II must be running for this system to operate.

7. Make sure that your time zone is set properly in Verizon. Our system uses their time zone.

Assets Are Not Being Displayed on the Map

1. You should make sure you are on the latest version of Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II.

2. If the problem is related to tracking a mobile device, please check to see if there are any updates available for that mobile device.

3. The Schedule Board Map will only display information that Verizon provides. If you feel that information is missing or inaccurate, please check to see what is in your Verizon map.

4. Check Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II’s GPS Tracking Lists to see if data is being received. If it is, check to see if there are any other computers with a working map.

5. Check to make sure that the Devices button is depressed on the map’s tool bar. That button toggles tracking on and off.

6. Double check your Asset setup. In order for a Verizon asset to be tracked, the Type must be Vehicle and the Track on Schedule Board Map box must be checked. The VIN number entered into the asset must be an exact match to the one entered into the Verizon system.

7. The Aptora GPS Tracking license count must be equal to or greater than the number of assets with this option checked. For example, if you setup ten assets to track and you have five actual tracking licenses from Aptora, you map will display only five assets. Check to see how many assets have the “Track on Schedule Board Map” option is checked and compare that to ho many licenses you have purchased. Your Aptora Account Manager can tell you how many you own.

Technical Notes

The following information is technical and meant for those with a desire or a need to know more about how the system works.

1. When the credentials are entered into the SBMS, they are saved to the database. At this time, we don’t attempt to validate those credentials.

2. Aptora Mobile II has a Quartz job set up to run every two minutes. Once it finds the Verizon credentials in the database, it will execute the following steps each time it runs:

a. Request an authorization key from the Verizon API.

b. Request all vehicle records from the Verizon API.

c. Using the VIN number, match the Verizon vehicle record to the Total Office Manager Fixed Asset record.

d. Save the Verizon Vehicle Id as the MEID for the matching TOM Vehicle Fixed Asset.

e. Request all of the vehicle locations from the Verizon API.

f. Find the most recent location for each vehicle.

g. If a Verizon location is newer than the last known TOM location, save a new AssetGPS record using the Verizon Vehicle Id as the DeviceId.

3. GPS data is received from satellite and sent to the Verizon servers every two minutes (or your Verizon preference). If a vehicle is outside of cellular coverage, the Verizon device will store GPS data for transmission at a later time (for up to 30 days).

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