Installing Aptora Report Builder

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Configuring the Report Builder

Aptora Report Builder will be the next generation of reporting for Total Office Manager.  The new reporting application is a stand alone program which does not need Total Office Manager to generate reports.  At this time, there is no drill down capability for any of the reports included.  This help topic will cover installing the application and configuring your database(s).

Downloading the Installation File

☐  Download the following file: https://bit.ly/3kMrCYE
☐  Extract the file contents to a shared directory everyone has access to.

Server Database Configuration

☐  On the server machine, please open the ReportBuilderUpdate.sql file. This file will open in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios.  To connect to the SQL Instance that houses the company files used for Total Office Manager, please select your Server Name and login credentials to connect to the instance.

***It is recommended to connect to the SQL Instance using SQL Server Authentication to ensure the proper access level for executing queries on the databases.

☐  Once connected to the SQL Instance, the ReportBuilderUpdate SQL script will appear.  Select the database you would like to include in the new the Consolidated Reports (in red). Execute the SQL Script (in green). Repeat for each SQL Instance and each company database.
☐  Close Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios once script executions are completed.


Installation on Workstation                                     

☐  For each workstation that will run the Report Builder, please copy the AptoraReportBuilderInstaller.exe  from the shared directory to the local workstation Desktop.  Right click on the installer and choose the option to Run as administrator.  Continue through the installation wizard until the install process has completed.

Report Builder Navigation                                        

☐  Open the Aptora Report Builder from the desktop shortcut icon.
☐  Click the gear in the upper right corner and configure your SERVER/DATABASE SETTINGS for use with the Total Office Manager SQL Instance.
☐  Select any database(s) you wish to add to the Report Builder.
☐  Click the Back button to return to the home screen.
☐  Select your database and enter your Total Office Manager Login credentials
☐  Available Reports are located on the Reports tabs.  To set report parameters, select the OPTIONS button.  To view the selected report, select the PREVIEW button.

***The new Report Builder is currently a BETA product and only contains select reports at this time.  Additional reports will be added as they are completed.

***All reports included may not be fully tested and are not currently meant to replace the reports available in the desktop application.

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