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This topic will cover setting up, editing, and deleting reminders. A reminder is simply a note to yourself to do something. Reminders are useful for important dates or deadlines such as tax filing issues. Examples might include payroll tax deadlines, tax payments, etc.


Use this form to create reminders for important events or deadlines.

Form Access

Reminders List

  • The Reminders List allows you to view, edit, delete, or create new.  From the main menu click Company | Reminder List.

New Reminder

  • You can open the New Reminder form directly to create a single new reminder by clicking Company | New Reminder.

Field Definitions

Name Enter a name that best describes the Reminder.
Start Date The first date of the Reminder. A Reminder will be created for this date.
Frequency Select the correct time frame for the Reminder. Example: Daily would be one Reminder for each day. Quarterly would create one Reminder for each quarter (three months).
End Date The last date of the Reminder. Reminders are created starting with the start date and ending with the end date.
Day Type Select the proper day type. Please see explanation of each type below.
Calender Day A Reminder will be created for every day of the week; Monday through Sunday.
Next Business Day A Reminder will be created for each business day of the week; Monday through Friday.
Description Enter a description of the Reminder. Unlike the Name field, you have much more room to fully describe the purpose of the Reminder.
Remind Who Select from the list of employees setup in Total Office Manager. Each of those you select will be reminded (if reminder options are selected).


Creating a New Reminder

  1. Open the New Reminder form as instructed above.

  2. Fill out the form using the field definitions (descriptions) above.

  3. Click the Create Reminders button to populate the reminder list. You can individually edit or delete these reminders.

Editing or Deleting a Reminder

Follow these instructions to delete or edit a reminder.

  1. Click Tools | Reminder List
  2. Right click on the Reminder you wish to work with.
  3. Select Delete to delete the Reminder. Select Edit to make changes to an existing Reminder.


  • Don’t confuse a reminders with appointments. They are both handy and appear to have the same function but there are differences.
  • Reminders differ from appointments. Appointments are day and time specific and may or may not include an alarm. Reminders are day specific, not time specific. A reminder might include “pay taxes”. An appointment may include a doctor’s office appointment.

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