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Welcome to Aptora’s AI Powered Chatbot

You can ask the Tom AI Chatbot any support related question. You can also ask it about anything on this website. Please remember that Tom is an experimental bot. Tom is just learning, so he may give you some bad information.  Don’t be too hard on him. He’s young and still learning how to do his job.

Examples of Questions You Might Ask The AI

I set up a deduction for an employee, but the deduction isn’t coming out of the check. What am I doing wrong?

Why can’t I select the taxes in the taxes tab when setting up my employee’s payroll items?

Can I change the expense account on a bill/check after it has been posted?

Why doesn’t the sales tax amount due and amount collected match on the Sales Tax Liability report?

How do I edit a transaction that has been cleared through a bank reconciliation?

How can we change a serial number on an invoice once that invoice has been saved?

What does the Watch List feature on Customer Equipment do?

How can I fix a serial number that was not entered correctly on a bill?