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Total Office Manager Email Settings

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Emailing from Total Office Manager may be used in two ways. The default method is by transmitting information from Total Office Manager to your computer’s third party default mail client. You may also use the internal email settings to send email and make Contact Log entries within the software.

Preference Setup

Navigate to Edit | Preferences | Company | My Preferences. Enter your SMTP settings for your email service provider.

Default Mail Client Installers

Currently, Total Office Manager requires a 32-bit mail client to send information to your default mail settings. If you have the 64-bit Microsoft Office application installed, you may receive MAPI errors when attempting to email from the software. There are a few free 32-bit applications that may be used if you are not able to obtain a 32-bit Microsoft Office installation package.

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/
  2. Opera Mail: http://www.opera.com/computer/mail
  3. Claws Mail: http://www.claws-mail.org/win32/
  4. eM Client: http://www.emclient.com/download
  5. Mailbird: https://www.getmailbird.com/

MAPI Error(s) When Emailing

Occasionally an error may be generated when attempting to email out of the software. This may be due to security permissions on the Outlook application or a Windows Security Update causing the issue. To troubleshoot email errors, please make sure the following are in place. Ensure proper security is in place for the Outlook executable. Navigate to the Program Files folder for Microsoft Office (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office##) and find the Outlook Executable. Right click and choose Properties, then click on the Security tab. Make sure that the Administrator and computer user for the computer and the domain account are both here with full security permissions. Even if the shortcut on the desktop has full security permissions, the main executable in the program files folder must also have full security permissions. Many times, a Windows update will remove a domain user from the security of the main executable if the application is not
installed with full security permissions. Once it has been added back, emailing from the software will resume working.

Windows Updates

In a prior security update for Windows on January 19, 2016, Microsoft re-released an update to KB3102429 to correct an error that would generate when trying to email or export a PDF that uses Crystal Reports 9. If the update for KB3102429 installed on the local machine is not dated on or after January 19, 2016, please remove the installed update for KB3102429 from your local machine and reboot the computer. If desired, but not required for use with Total Office Manager, you may reinstall this update from the Microsoft website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49948.

As we are aware that there may be updates that prevent certain functions like emailing to fluidly work in Total Office Manager, please review any Windows or Microsoft Updates that may have been installed since you knew the ability to email last worked.

Emailing From Third Party Applications with Microsoft 365

When emailing from Microsoft 365, it is necessary to ensure any email addresses entered in the From and BCC email fields.  To ensure you are able to send from Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II, you will have to configure Multifunction Device/Application on the shared mailbox accounts.  Attached is a link which explains this functionality. Learn More About Multifunction Device Emails

Here are things check with the email setup and configuration:

  1. The email account has a mailbox that is an authorized account to send mail.
  2. The email account allows for third party apps to send email on its behalf.
  3. Anti-spam filtering rules in the email setup is not preventing access from the third party.

While our office cannot assist with these settings, it is recommended to first test them in another mail client to ensure he can connect.  Once verified, the SMTP settings entered into Total Office Manager or Aptora Mobile II will work.  It is recommended to speak with your IT professional or whomever is responsible for the configuration of the email accounts to make sure these settings are correct.


Email SMTP and POP3 Server Settings

Below is a list of the standard default port settings for email servers.
Default Ports: Server: Authentication: Port:
SMTP Server
(Outgoing Messages) Non-Encrypted AUTH
25 (or 587)
Secure (TLS) StartTLS 587
Secure (SSL) SSL 465
POP3 Server
(Incoming Messages) Non-Encrypted AUTH
Secure (SSL) SSL 995
For reference, a list of the most popular email clients’ settings are listed below.
Outlook.com Server: Authentication: Port:
SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages)
outlook.com StartTLS 587
IMAP Server (Incoming Messages)
outlook.com SSL 993
Yahoo Mail Server: Authentication: Port:
SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages) smtp.mail.yahoo.com SSL 465
IMAP Server (Incoming Messages) imap.mail.yahoo.com SSL 993
Yahoo Mail Plus Server: Authentication: Port:
SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages)
com SSL 465
IMAP Server (Incoming Messages)
com SSL 993

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