Vendor Form Button and Field Definitions

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This is a supplemental topic to Vendor. This topic offers details on each field and button found in this form.

Address Info Tab

Company Name

Enter the company name the Vendor does business under.


(Optional) Enter if you use these types of titles with your vendors.

First Name

Enter the first name of the vendor.


Enter the middle initial of the vendor (if applicable)

Last Name

Enter the last name of the vendor.


Enter the street address of the vendor.

Address 2

Enter a suite number , building number c/o name, or P.O. Box Number



Enter the city the vendor resides in.


Enter the state or province the vendor resides in


Enter the zip code or postal code for the vendor. (If you don’t know the code, use the Find button to the left of the zip code field.


(Optional) Enter the country the vendor resides in.


Enter the contact name for the Vendor.


Enter the vendor’s phone number and the extension if applicable.


Enter the vendor’s cell phone if applicable.


Enter the vendor’s pager if applicable.

Pager- Pin

Enter the vendor’s pager-pin number if applicable.


Enter the vendor’s fax number if applicable.

Alt. Ph.

Enter an alternate phone number if applicable.

Alt. Contact

Enter the name of the alternate contact.


Enter vendor’s e-mail address if applicable.


Enter vendor’s website if applicable.

Print Check As

Enter the legal given name of the vendor.

Additional Info Tab

A/P Account

Select from the drop down menu the Accounts Payables account the vendor would be associated with.


Select from the drop down menu the type of vendor you are setting up, subcontractor, Utility, Advertising, Equipment, and Parts etc. You may also create a new Vendor Type, if the type you need is not in the list. Click on the hand icon to the right of the Type field and Add A Vendor Type.


Select from the drop down menu the Terms the vendor is offering you on their invoices, 2% 10 Net 30 Days, Net 15 Days etc. You may also create a new Term, if the Term you need is not in the list. Click on the hand icon to the right of the Term field and Add A Term.

Credit Limit

Enter the credit limit the vendor has extended to your company.

Tax ID No.

Enter the vendor’s Tax ID number if applicable. Will you be sending them a 1099? If yes, you will need to obtain their Tax ID number.

Account Number

The account number the vendor has assigned to our account with their company.

Vendor eligible of 1099

Check if you will be sending the vendor a 1099. Example: Subcontractor.

Opening Balance

Amount of money YOU OWE the vendor as of the “As Of” date noted below. Use this if you have NOT entered every single bill into Total Office Manager that has NOT been paid. Click here for advanced details.

As Of Date

The date that you own the money.

User Defined Fields

Enter information not found on the standard form. Select from the list or create your own by clicking on the hand icon (top left side of the user defined field.

Contact Log Tab

Please Note: When you first open this form to create a new vendor, you will not see this tab. This tab will only be available and appear after a New Vendor has been set up.

Entered By

Select from the drop down list the name of the person entering the log.


The current date will populate this field automatically.


The current time will populate this field automatically.


Enter or select (from the drop down menu) the topic of the log event. Example: Deliveries late, over billed, price increase, or a conversation you had with someone.


What is this Log entry relating to? Give it a title.


Enter any pertinent information you would like to keep track of or remember about this particular log activity.

Button Definitions


Save and close the form.



Disregard the information that has been entered and close the form.



Enter anything that you might need to know about the vendor. Example: Their hours of operation, president, or owner of the company.



Opens a detailed form that displays lots of historical information about this vendor.


Vendor is Inactive

Check this field if you are no longer doing business with this vendor.

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