Job Costing and Management

CRM Software for Contractors

Job Costing and Management

Total Office Manager’s integrated Job Costing and Job Management functionality improves expense tracking and reporting while reducing errors.  Every job is easier to manage with full documentation support of every aspect.

Job Costing and Management

Flexible Job Naming and ID 

Jobs can be entered using job names, numbers and letters, or automatic numbering.  

Track Expenses 

Detailed tracking of all expenses for every job.  

Real-Time Labor Reporting 

Our optional mobile software includes the ability for work crews and managers to enter labor time at the end of each day. This gives managers up to the day labor reports that include estimates labor hours versus actual. 

Numerous Reports 

We include dozens of job costing reports from estimated versus actual, to detailed line items reports, to one-page summarized reports. Each reports includes drill down capability. You will know where you are on every job. 

Build Custom Reports 

You can build your own job costing reports using our easy-to-use Report Builder. 

Outside Sales Representative 

Add a sales rep to every job. Track closure rates, sales commissions, and more. 

Inside Sales Representative 

You can have different people assigned to the customer or job for inside and outside representation. This is also handy for assigning a CSR to take care of them. 

Extensive History 

One form displays ALL job information including accounting, work orders, contact log notes, phone messages, and everything else. 

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