Open Source Data

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Open Source Data

Total Office Manager utilizes Open Source Data.  Open Source is a codebase that is free to view, download, modify, distribute, and reuse.  When you use Total Office Manager, you actually own your data.  Always use enterprise software where you own your data.  Anything else is high risk.

Open Source Data

MS SQL Database

We do not use a proprietary database. Total Office Manager was built to take advantage of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014. You have full access to your data. It’s your data so don’t let others hold your data hostage. We provide your company with the free “Express” version which is totally adequate for many of our clients. You may decide to select Microsoft’s paid version.

You Own Your Data

Unlike almost all competitors, you have no control or access to your data.  Competitors do not allow you to export your data for your own backups or any other purpose.  With Total Office Manager’s Open Data structure, you own it and have access to it at any time.  Period.

The Data Challenge Question

Your data, both current and historical, is the lifeblood of your business.  Having unlimited access to your data is not only critical, but required.  We challenge you to ask your current provider or a new provider you’re considering to do business with these three simple questions:

  1. Can I download a “full” copy of my data?
  2. Is the data MS SQL allowing you to use the data in other applications?  Note:  some companies may let you download a backup, but they’ve compiled the data in a way that it can only be read by their software.  This is their way of holding your data hostage so you never leave them.
  3. HOW do you access and download your data?  Ask them for specific step-by-step instructions.  This is VERY important.  Don’t let them answer #1 above with a “Yes” without showing you proof you can actually access it.

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