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HVAC Service and Maintenance Agreement


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This is a Service and Maintenance Agreement kit which we call a “Safety & Efficiency Agreement”. This system was specially designed for the HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning Industry. It was specifically designed for residential and light commercial use. There are about eighteen (18) pages of fully editable forms an an implementation guide that is approximately seventeen (17) pages long. Even the service agreement implementation guide is a fully editable MS Word document so that you can easily add it to your company’s operations manual.

View or download the HVAC Service Agreement Table of Contents.

The entire system is easy to edit using Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher). You can buy it and download it immediately.


This colorful maintenance agreement will lend credibility to your maintenance program and perhaps close more sales. Like our sales proposal, this agreement has tremendous detail but we use lots of check boxes to reduce preparation time and spelling errors. We also include a very nice looking Precision Tune-up and Professional Cleaning document for a gas heating system, heat pump, and air conditioning unit. We have included some great direct mail letters to help increase sales and renewals. A comprehensive price list has been included in your kit. Change it to meet your needs but it should save you some time. We even include a technician’s checklist to help assure the customer of a quality job.

A Safety & Efficiency Agreement is a comprehensive service agreement that lets the customer know that they are a ‘preferred customer’ which entitles them to priority service, extended warranties, cash discounts, and peace of mind knowing they have properly maintained and operating comfort systems (that’s why they are called Safety & Efficiency Agreements). The SEAs help increase sales by promoting loyalty with customers, and provide the opportunity for your company to generate LEGITIMATE work when performing service maintenance. After all, most problems don’t happen over-night, but can actually be detected months in advance. SEAs provide the opportunity for service technicians to perform preventative maintenance and fix problems during the ‘off season’.

  1. Designed by experienced consultants The Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) kit was specifically designed by experienced and respected HVAC industry consultants to be used by HVAC dealers. The SEA system offers many benefits to your company and co-workers, including the opportunity to increase sales, and to help over-come the ‘roller coaster sales cycle’ which plagues many HVAC dealers.
  2. Benefits to customers SEAs offer many benefits to customers because they become ‘preferred customers’ and are entitled to priority service, extended warranties, cash discounts, and peace of mind in knowing that their comfort systems have been routinely and properly maintained.
  3. Increased sales SEAs can increase the HVAC dealer’s sales by generating loyal customers, and by allowing the technician to find legitimate repair work before it becomes a serious problem (i.e., replacing a worn part BEFORE it breaks).
  4. SEA form is professionally designed The actual Safety & Efficiency Agreement form is professional, colorful, and uses marketing terms to explain to the customer the many benefits derived from investing in an SEA. The forms can be easily modified to fit your company’s needs.
  5. Easy to implement The Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) kit is designed to be easily implemented. Don’t reinvent the wheel! The kit comes with printed forms, documents on disk, easy-to-read instructions, and a training video created by a respected HVAC consultant. Simply watch the video, read the instructions, modify the documents on disk, print your own custom forms, and you’re ready to implement the new Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) system.
  6. Forms are provided on disk The Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) form is provided on disk in a document format that can be opened up in popular word processing software programs like Microsoft’s Word®. You don’t have to recreate the document – just change the included documents to use your company’s name, address, phone numbers, etc.
  7. Perfected over years of use This Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) kit has been implemented by many companies throughout the USA. The Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) system has been modified and perfected over the years. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Implement the Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) system and increase your customer’s loyalty, and improve your company’s bottom line — profits.
  8. Why use this Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA)? There are many possible benefits to your company.
    1. Increase sales by building loyal customers.
    2. Generate work during ‘off season’ and help reduce the ‘roller coaster sales cycle’.
    3. Increase the safety & efficiency of your customer’s comfort system by providing regular system tune-ups.
    4. The SEA system is fast and easy to implement.


All files are included in Microsoft Word 2007 format. There is also a PDF version of each. You can open and easily edit any of these forms to suit your own needs. Remember that nothing is shipped. Your product is downloaded using the links provided. All files are in a single compressed “zip” file.

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