Full Service Business Enterprise Level Accounting

No QuickBooks Required

Accounting.  Built In.

No need for 3rd party integrations that risks lost data and inaccurate reporting.  Total Office Manager is the most powerful and thoroughly tested contracting business software program of its kind. Accounting firms trust our software and use it daily for their customers.

All Accounting Functionality in One Solution

Full Blown General Ledger
Our self-balancing general ledger is the heart of the accounting system.

Complete Comprehensive Auditing
All transactions were written to a detailed audit trail log that cannot be turned off or tampered with. You will always know who did what, to which record, from what computer, and exactly when. Our audit trail can reduce the threat of embezzlement and fraud.

Fully Departmentalized Accounting
Allows you to track in incoming and outgoing money by department or profit center.

True Automatic Double Entry
The software takes care of the matching principle for you. Never have to worry about balancing your books again.

Net Profit by Department
We offer a full and automatic allocation of overhead by the department. This allows you to see the actual net profit of each department. Most contractors have no idea what their net profit is for each department. Now you will know.

Date Input Warning
The system will warn you if a date falls inside or outside of a given set of parameters.

Overhead Allocation by Department
Automatic allocation of overhead by the department. This allows you to see the actual net profit of each department.

Never Close a Period
You never have to close an accounting period. If a mistake is found, it can be corrected quickly.

Accounting Period Locking
This allows you to lock an accounting period. Editing financial information requires a special password.

Fast Adjusting Journal Entries
AJE can be made quickly and easily. We include a handy feature that allows you to automatically create copies of prior AJEs and automatic reversing Adjusting Journal Entries. ADJs can also be memorized so that they are automatically created on a schedule of your choice. This feature is controlled through Total Office Manager’s extensive security.

Fast Easy Deleting and Data Cleanup
As long as you have the permission to do so, you can typically void or delete transactions and easily clean things up. Your actions can be restricted and everything you do is written out in great detail to the audit trail.

AIA Form Support

Create Payment Applications
Automatically create Summary of Work and Continuation Sheets off an invoice. Save time and increase accuracy because there is no double entry.

AIA Form Support
Print to G702 and G703 Forms. Save money because you don’t need additional software.

No Double Entry
By avoiding the use of a separate AIA system, you will save time and money, as well as increase accuracy with our built-in AIA Billing system.

Accounts Receivable

Work in Progress (WIP) or Construction in Progres (CIP)
Revenue and costs are not to be recognized on financial statements as income and expense until the job is complete, or in some cases as certain milestones are completed for the job. This gives managers a more accurate assessment of financial performance.

Percentage of Completion
Invoice clients based on percentages and milestones. Get paid faster and improve cash flow.

Manage Retainage Easily
Track which clients owe your company retainage (or hold-backs) and automatically invoice them at the correct time. Keep money flowing into your business.

Receive and Track Down Payments
Easily receive a down payment for jobs (even in the field) and apply that to the balance when complete.

Create Unlimited Invoice Terms
Make it easy for clients to pay on time and reduce the headache of applying payment discounts and late payment penalties.

Automatically Calculate Early Payment Discounts
The Receive Payment system automatically calculates customer payment discounts. Save time and reduce mathematically errors.

Credit Hold
Place clients on credit hold so that you do not miss an opportunity to collect when they call for service or warranty work. You can optionally apply a secret password to anyone on credit hold.

Print Customized Statements
Get paid faster with 100% customizable statements. We offer many ways to quickly select only the people you want to sent statements to. We even have a “Friend” feature that prevents statements or finance charges from ever being applied.

Access Finance Charges
You can easily access finance charges using numerous rules and calculation methods. If your client pays you but withholds the finance charge, you can painlessly reverse that charge on the fly.

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