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Refreshing and Loading Customer Lists

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In our continued effort to increase speed and stability, recent updates have included several improvements that should make the software faster for most users. This email is to let you know more about what we have been doing and why.



When a user on the network saves a record, such as a customer, we no longer force refresh open forms that might use that information. Example: If you have an invoice open and another user adds a customer, your invoice will refresh the customer list, according to your Refresh Preferences. If your company has a lot of data, that refresh process could interrupt your work with a several second delay. We no longer do that. If you need to access updated information, click Menu | Save. That will save the form and refresh all available information.


Lists can also refresh at inopportune times, causing awkward pauses. Example: When a user enters a new customer, your Customer:Job list might refresh while you are working (according to your Refresh Preferences). All major lists now include a right-click Refresh option (at the bottom). This might be a better option than using the forced refresh preference.

Schedule Board

When a user on the network saves a work order, we no longer refresh the new or old schedule board for all other users. The refresh process could take several seconds to complete and can interrupt each user. Instead, the schedule boards now rely on the Refresh Preferences. It will also refresh automatically when you drag and drop events, switch views, switch dates, switch profiles, and select departments.

Refresh Preferences

Please review your company’s Refresh Preferences. Go to Preferences | Refresh | Company. We generally recommend that both options be unchecked. It is important to know that all lists refresh whenever you open, filter, or search, no matter what your settings are.

Loading the Customer List

For those of you with large customer lists, these lists can cause long pauses when loading forms. Each time a form is loaded, we load the entire list. For some companies, this can add ten seconds or more to form load time.


There are two related preferences that are important to note. Go to Edit | Preferences | Customer:Jobs | Company Preferences.

Do Not Load Customer:Jobs on Edit (form loads faster): We generally recommend that this be checked. When you open an existing form, the entire customer list will not be loaded. Instead, the existing customer selection and their entire family will be loaded. For customers with a large customer list, this will cause the form to load faster. If you need to change the customer, you will use the Lookup or Reload List feature.

Do Not Load Customer:Jobs on Add (form loads faster): When you open a form to create a new record, the entire customer list will not be loaded. You will use the Lookup or Reload List feature.  For customers with a large customer list, this will cause the form to load faster.

Note: When you create a record from a record (Examples: You create an invoice from a customer or a work order from the History form), only that customer and their family will be loaded. This will be regardless of any preferences. You can always use the Lookup or Reload List feature.

Ten Speed Tips for a Happier User

  1. In all major lists, go to Form Preferences | Show Columns. Hide any columns that you do not need. This is especially important for any field with an asterisk next to it.
  2. If your company has a lot of data, consider using List Speed Optimization. Go to Preferences | Appearance | Company Preferences.
  3. Turn off the forced refresh preference. Go to Preferences | Refresh | Company Preferences. Consider unchecking both options.
  4. There is a long pause when using the Quick Filter. Go to Preferences | Quick Filter | Search Interval. This setting is the number of seconds to wait after you stop typing. If you are a fairly good typist, one or two seconds is usually recommended.
  5. If you have a lot of data, your history forms (like Customer History) might open slowly. Use the Date Range feature to limit the amount of data that gets loaded. We also recommend you remove history tabs that users do not need to have access to. Go to Preferences | Company | My Preferences | History Tabs to Display.
  6. Be sure your computers are not connecting to your network via a wireless connection. When a computer has both a wired and wireless connection, it will often default to the wireless option. That will slow you down. Wired connections are about ten times faster.
  7. Verify that all the wires, connections, and components on your network are rated at the same speed (1000 Mbps is highly recommended). If you have a 1000 Mbps wire connected to a 100 Mbps network switch, then you have a 100 Mbps network. That network will slow down Total Office Manager considerably. Remember, your network is only as fast as your slowest component.
  8. Is the software slow during certain times of the day? Many users have discovered that their server is performing scans, backups, and other activity at set times during the day. Be sure that your computers perform these actions during off hours.
  9. Certain anti-virus and firewall software will scan Total Office Manager and slow the software down. Be sure to mark our software as “friendly”.
  10. This tip is very important. Make certain that you have a maintenance plan for your SQL Server database. Most users do not. A SQL Server maintenance plan is vital for the health of your database. It also helps to assure speed and stability. Please be sure you are backing up your database at least once per day.

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