Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Inventory Software

Warehouse Management.
Just Got Easy.

Warehouse Management Software is a key component of the Total Office Manager enterprise solution.  You get full control over billing hours per project, inventory control both in warehouse and in your service tech’s vans, kitting, and more.  Additionally, managing your inventory will be simplified with bar code support, inventory reporting, and on the fly price adjustments.

Warehouse Inventory Software

Inventory Insights.  That Matter.

  • Serial Number Tracking

  • Bin Location Tracking

  • Item Aliases (Combine Multiple Items to One SKU)

  • Create inventory reports with the custom report builder

  • Create Kits and Groups

  • Automatic QTY Adjustments

  • Manufacturer Part Tracking

Warehouse Inventory Software

Easy Bar Code Integration

  • Print and scan bar codes

  • Scan to complete form content

  • Create kits and groups with bar codes

Warehouse Inventory Software

Create Custom Item Assemblies

  • Create self-manufactured item lists

  • Assign serial numbers to items or kits

  • Create item lists for vendor parts

  • Convert sheet metal, hardware, media, and even shop labor into a finished item

Warehouse Inventory Software

On-The-Fly Pricing & Costing

  • Markup from estimated or actual cost. Mark down from list price

  • Track historical average cost

  • Automatic price adjustment

  • Create zone pricing and assign zones to customer or jobs

  • Lock the retail price field so employees cannot change them

  • Unlimited price levels and markups

  • Automatically adjust pricing based on supplier price increases

Warehouse Inventory Software

Easily Manage Truck Stock

  • Create item lists for truck inventory

  • Know which truck has an item for unassigned customers

  • Create truck stock lists based on season, technician, or unique service

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