Contractor Marketing

CRM Software for Contractors

Contractor Marketing

Total Office Manager’s built-in Contractor Marketing capabilities empowers business owners with marketing insights on who to market to, what works, and what doesn’t.  This powerful software is designed to help contractors and field services business to plan, budget and track marketing efforts to maximize ROI and sales.

Contractor Marketing

Campaign Level Marketing Tracking 

Track all sales and expenses by marketing campaign.  Compares and analyzes marketing campaigns to continue what works and stop what doesn’t maximizing your marketing budget. 

Marketing Management 

This system work hand in hand with the Sales Lead Management system to align marketing efforts to sales territories and specific individuals to improve accountability. 

Marketing List Generator 

Perform very sophisticated queries on your contact database to reveal precise marketing and sales leads. You can perform multi-level searches based on prospect type, department, sales person assigned, geography, purchase history (comprehensive), spending, service agreement activity, credit, and much more. Save queries for later use. Easily export the query to Mail Chimp or your favorite email marketing system. You may also use the list to perform mail merges straight into MS Word or MS Outlook.

Enter Marketing Campaigns 

Enter complete descriptions regarding all marketing efforts. Assign phone numbers to your marketing methods. Monitor all advertising and marketing data points on one place. No longer hunt around piecing together different bits of information. 

Sales Letter Generator 

Design sales and marketing letters, perform mail merges that go way beyond simple contact information, and print or email.  

Manage All Sales Leads 

Open the Sales Lead Manager, sort, and view every sales opportunity in the sales funnel.

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