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Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing is a very important part of management.  It is strongly recommended that you setup and use a comprehensive list of marketing types.  Marketing types are used to identify which methods of marketing are working, so informed decisions about marketing expenditures can be made.

Examples of marketing types might include “Newspaper”, “Yellow Pages”, “Bill Board”, “Direct Mail”, “Referral”, “Existing Customer”, etc.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Company | Lists | Marketing Type List. Then, right-click anywhere in the list and choose New Marketing Type from the pop-up list.

Field and Button Definitions

Once open, the Marketing Type form is used to add new types or edit existing ones.

  • Marketing Type: This is a description of the Marketing Type. Example: Yellow Pages.
  • Subtype of: Used to pick a “parent” type of marketing type if necessary.  For example, the marketing type “Radio Marketing” could be a parent for “FM” and for “AM”.
  • Description: Used to enter a detail description of the marketing type if applicable.
  • Phone: If this marketing type has a special phone number associated with it, you should enter it here. Sometime companies will lease a phone number that is specific to a particular marketing campaign.
  • Used for a Marketing Campaign/List: Check this box if this Marketing Type is used as a campaign, group, audience, email list, or direct mail list. These can be used to help organize an email or mailing list. These can also be used with MailChimp or other email marketing systems that allow you to name your email list and use it for a particular campaign or purpose.
  • What Best Describes this?: This information is used in the Contractor Compass dashboard. Note: There may not be a selection that matches your marketing type. That is okay. You only to to make a selection if it matches your type.
  • Upload Doc.: This button is only shown for hosted users. This button allows you to upload a new file to the cloud. This is used for the Document Management feature,
  • Inactive: Used to make an existing marketing type inactive.

Maintaining Marketing Types

Open the marketing type list and use the following commands from the right-click pop-up menu to manage the Marketing Types.

  • To enter a new record , right-click and choose  New Marketing Type from the pop-up list.  Complete necessary fields as described above.
  • To edit a record, right-click on it and select Edit Marketing Type from the pop-up menu.
  • To delete a record, right-click on it and select Delete Marketing Type from the pop-up menu.
  •  To inactivate a record, right-click on it and select Make Marketing Type Inactive from the pop-up menu.
  • To merge one marketing type into another, right-click on the source marketing type and select Merge Marketing Type from the pop-up menu.  The Marketing Source Merge form will appear.  Set the “Merge From” and the “Merge To” fields, tick the “When complete, Inactivate the ‘Merge From’ Account” if desired, and click the “Merge” button to finish.


  • You can delete or inactivate multiple records. To highlight multiple records, press and hold your CTRL key and click each record. You may also select a range of records by highlighting the first record in that range, press and hold your left Shift Key, and click the last record in that range.

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