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Custom Reporting.
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Improve management decisions backed by real company data.  Total Office Manager® includes over 400 built-in reports with complete flexibility to create your own custom reports that are specific to your business.  Whether you need custom departmentalized reports, live dashboard reporting, or anything in between, we got you covered.

Total Office Manager Dashboard - Custom Reports

Improve Management Decisions with Field Reports

  • Full Custom Reports

  • Live On-Demand Dashboards

  • View Via Browser, Mobile Device, or Smart TV

  • Monitor Company Performance

  • Monitor Employee Performance

  • View Live Sales Data

  • Display Data Trends

Contractor Compass - Custom Reporting

Contractor Compass

  • EGIA Powered Data Dashboard

  • Accurate Live Data

  • Fully Custom Views

  • Create Unlimited Reports

Performance Dashboards


A great dashboard for Customer Service Representatives. This dashboard displays telephone activity such as incoming and outgoing calls, the average number of rings, length of phone conversations, how many minutes were on the phone for the day, and much more. Caller ID is required for this dashboard to function.


Shows information about Service Agreement (S.A.) sales. For example; S.A.s sold in the year to date, total sales, how many are inactive, how many are pending, renewed, sold, etc.


This dashboard is specific to each individual employee. It displays information regarding how they are ranked for total sales.


The Invoice Dashboard shows statistics such as: how many invoices were entered today, the average amount of invoice, biggest invoice created, the last 15-20 invoices for the day, yesterday’s last 15-20 invoices – everything you can think of regarding invoices.


My Dashboard is only found in Mobile on the home page and shows information only for the person that is logged in. Confidential company information is not shown.

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