Contractor Accounting Software

CRM Software for Contractors

Contractor Accounting Software

Total Office Manager’s built-in contractor accounting software simplifies bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting processes into a single integrated platform.  Our contractor accounting software is designed to be simple enough for small businesses to get started while powerful enough to run a large enterprise operation.

Contractor Accounting Software

Integrated Accounting – Eliminates QuickBooks®

Total Office Manager’s® integrated contractor accounting software eliminates any need for 3rd party apps like QuickBooks®.  If you’re familiar with QuickBooks® then you’ll love Total Office Manager’s accounting software.  We’ve designed our software processes to be similar to simplify the learning curve.  We can also help you migrate your QuickBooks® data to Total Office Manager®.

Robust General Ledger

Improve accuracy and simplify data entry with Total Office Manager’s self-balancing general ledger which is the heart of our accounting system.

Complete Comprehensive Auditing

All transactions are written to a detailed audit trail log that cannot be turned off or tampered with. You will always know who did what, to which record, from what computer, and exactly when. This helps reduce the threat of embezzlement and fraud.

Fully Departmentalized Accounting

Gain the ability to track and manage incoming and outgoing money utilizing departmentalized accounting best practices.  This information allows business owners and managers the ability to understand how each department is impacting the bottom line profit.

Create Payment Applications

Automatically create Summary of Work and Continuation Sheets off an invoice. Save time and increase accuracy because there is no double entry.

Never Close a Period

You never have to close an accounting period. If a mistake is found, it can be corrected and documented quickly.

Accounting Period Locking

You now have the ability to lock an accounting period. This prevents your company’s financials from being manipulated and reduces the likelihood of theft and or embezzlement. Editing financial information requires a special password available to only individuals who are authorized.

Date Input Warning

The system will warn you if a date falls inside or outside of a given set of parameters.  This reduces risk of errors and improves accuracy and integrity of the accounting data.

Fast Adjusting Journal Entries

AJE can be made quickly and easily. We include a handy feature that allows you to automatically create copies of prior AJEs and automatic reversing Adjusting Journal Entries. ADJs can also be memorized so that they are automatically created on a schedule of your choice. This feature is controlled through Total Office Manager’s extensive security.

AIA Form Support

Integrated support for G702 and G703 forms. Eliminate 3rd party applications to do this.

Accounts Receivables

Work in Progress (WIP) or Construction in Progress (CIP)

Revenue and costs are not to be recognized on financial statements as income and expense until the job is complete, or in some cases as certain milestones are completed for the job. This gives managers a more accurate assessment of financial performance.

Percentage of Completion

Invoice clients based on percentages of completion and milestones. Get paid faster and improve cash flow.

Easy Retainage Management

Track which clients owe your company retainage (or hold-backs) and automatically invoice them at the correct time. Keep money flowing into your business.

Receive and Track Down Payments

Easily receive a down payment for jobs (even in the field) and apply that to the balance when complete.

Create Unlimited Invoice Terms

Make it easy for clients to pay on time with custom terms and reduce the headache of applying payment discounts and late payment penalties.

Automatically Calculate Early Payment Discounts

The Receive Payment system automatically calculates customer payment discounts. Save time and reduce mathematical errors.

Credit Hold Management

Place clients on credit hold so  you do not miss an opportunity to collect when they call for service or warranty work. You can optionally apply a secret password to anyone on credit hold.

Print Customized Statements

Get paid faster with 100% customizable statements. We offer many ways to quickly select only the people you want to sent statements to. We even have a “Friend” feature that prevents statements or finance charges from ever being applied.

Access Finance Charges

Easily access finance charges using numerous rules and calculation methods. If your client pays you but withholds the finance charge, you can painlessly reverse that charge on the fly.

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