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Onboarding Coach to Ensure Your Success

It all starts with a Go-Live goal date and a proven program to successfully achieve.  When you purchase Total Office Manager, you are teamed up with a dedicated Aptora Onboarding Coach.  Your coach is your new best friend and will be with you every step of the way to meet your goals.  From scheduling your training to data migration (if needed), you’re never alone.  We’re here for you.


12-Step Live Online Training

Aptora’s 12-Step Live Online Training system puts you in the drivers seat for success.  This system helps you understand what tasks are required, when, and who should participate.

What To Expect

  • Proven system that ensures success
  • Easy to digest modules to maximize retention
  • Simplified screen-shot driven content designed for beginners
Oh yes, if you need assistance or have questions along the way… we’re here to help!

The Lesson Plan

These lessons are necessary to get your company ready to go live (using Live Online Training) with your Total Office Manager® software. Most of your lessons with be conducted with an Aptora trainer while some lessons will (or could) be done on your own.

Lesson Overview

This is an overview of these lessons we will cover in this manual.

Lesson Topic Method
1 Basic Navigation and Contact Management Self Directed
2 Ordering and Receiving Inventory Live Online
3 Entering Bills, Credit Card Charges, and Paying Bills Live Online
4 Invoicing, Receiving Payments, and Making Deposits Live Online
5 Service Agreements Live Online
6 Estimating and Sales Proposals Self Directed
7 Scheduling and Dispatching Live Online
8 Payroll Setup and Processing Live Online
9 Aptora Mobile / Field Management (if used) Live Online
10 Open Q & A Live Online
11 Users, Security, and Preferences Live Online
12 Managing Sales Leads and Tracking Marketing Campaigns Self Directed


The following topics are not covered in the manual. Once you have gone through the manual, these topics might be the next ones for your company to cover.

  1. Company Setup and Entering Beginning Balances
  2. Job Costing
  3. Setting Up and Paying Sales Commissions
  4. Bank Reconciliation
  5. Fixed Asset Management
  6. Aptora Mobile Form Builder (if used)

Live Online Training​

When you invested in the Total Office Manager® software, you likely received ten hours of LOL training. Ten hours is normally enough to cover the basics to get you started.

You will be contacted to schedule your sessions. You will likely wish to invest in five or ten more hours of training if advanced training is required.

Your trainer will cover each of the key topics. Prior to all sessions, they will take attendance and record that information in your company’s contact log. Often, sessions are scheduled back to back. It is important that these sessions start and end on Lesson Time.

Self-Directed Training​

Some of the lessons are self-directed. This means that the content is straightforward and easy to understand so Live Online Training is not needed. If you prefer, this material can be taught by a trainer. Your regular training hours can be applied to this extra training.

Schedule Your Training

It takes about six to eight weeks to get through your training. The actual time depends on the number of hours your employees can dedicate to the process. If you have prior experience with QuickBooks® or a similar program, you will have an advantage.

Aptora will try to schedule most (if not all) of these lessons in advance. Our trainer’s schedule fills fast and we want to be sure your company gets their lessons scheduled on a time frame that makes sense. We cannot schedule more than one lesson per day. Generally, we will schedule two to three per week.

If you must cancel a lesson, we can’t guarantee that we can reschedule quickly. When appointments are set, there is nothing Aptora can do to create an open time lot. If your coworkers are late to a lesson, the lesson most likely will need to still finish on time so that the trainer can make their next appointment.

James Leichter Speaking Engagement

Want an Expert to Train Your Team in Your Office?

We can do that!  Aptora offers Live On-Site Training to improve your onboarding experience for your whole team.  Our trainers know industry best practices, Total Office Manager, and how to align both to help you with your business goals.  Trainers are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

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