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Time Tracker Software

Total Office Manager’s Time Tracker Plus® Software empowers business owners to track employee time in the office or on specific projects.  This provides insights to better manage project costs and increase profitability.

Time Tracker Plus® Software

Wall Clock Replacement

Aptora’s time clock app is a simple to use replacement for any wall mounted time punch clock.

Integrated with Total Office Manager

Time Tracker Plus® is fully integrated with Total Office Manager’s database.  No data constraints that many competitor’s products deal with.

Mobile Enabled

Time Tracker Plus® runs on most Android or Apple iOS devices with an internet connection.

App Costs

You may download the Time Tracker Plus app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. There is a $4.99 charge per download for this app.

Easy Setup

Simply install the app, mount the device to a wall or place it on a table.  Setup should take less than one minute. You may install the app on two or more devices for the ultimate in accessibility. Information is instantly saved to your Total Office Manager database. Office workers can quickly clock in and out with their fingers and have the option of selecting work orders, topics, and entering notes.

Time Tracking for Non Aptora Mobile II Users via Geo Time Tracker

For tracking time outside of the Total Office Manager desktop and the Aptora Mobile II (Android ) or Aptora Mobile II (ios) applications, you may opt for the  Geo Time Tracker (Android ) or Geo Time Tracker (ios) or Time Tracker Plus (Android ) or Time Tracker Plus (ios) mobile applications. While the Geo Time Tracker requires mobile user security to be in place, Time Tracker Plus does not. Time Tracker Plus is ideal for employees that need to only track time to work orders without the need to enter work order notes, items used, or access any customer information. Time Tracker Plus is best for installation crews, office time clocks, and project helpers and/or apprentices.

Screen Shots

Available from the Play Store® or App Store® (iOS® and Android®)

Download Time Tracker Plus on the App Store
Download Time Tracker Plus on the Google Play

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