CRM Software for Contractors

CRM Software for Contractors

CRM Software for Contractors

Total Office Manager’s CRM for Contractors is the foundation of every successful contracting business.  Our Customer Relationship Management software empowers you to improve your customer experience from initial contact to dispatch, service call, billing, and follow-up.

CRM Software Integrating Employees, Vendors & Customers

Improve Customer Experience

Gain powerful insights on the entire customer journey and use that information to improve your customers’ experience every step of the way.  You’ll know how the prospect found you, why they chose your services or why they didn’t, and how well did they like the service received.

Increase Customer Retention

Keep your customers informed on products and services you offer and how those offerings will improve the quality of their lives.  Ensure they are updated on service agreement renewal deadlines so they can properly plan for renewal payments.

Know Who and When to Upsell

Quickly identify customers and prospects to market the right product or service to.  For example, you may want to create lists of prospects who declined the service agreement offering and promote a “2nd Chance” offer to convert them.  You may also want communicate a special promotion to prospects who never became customers.  The options are endless and you have all the data for any promotion required.

Full Tracking

Total Office manager tracks phone messages, appointments, notes, files, documents, email, and other pieces of information. Locate all records with three mouse clicks or less.

Simplify Cross-Department Communications

With Total Office Manager’s CRM Software, all employees have access to the same database of information.  You can also limit access to certain types of data such as payroll to authorized employees.  Eliminate 3rd party department specific software applications with a complete CRM Software solution designed for all departments to work together as one.

Robust Note Creation Built-In

Easily create internal only notes for each account that provides insights, reminders, and action items so any employee who access the customer’s file and get up to speed quickly.  Whether it’s a “Beware of Dog in Backyard”, “Customer Has Several Complaints”, or even “Customer Wants a Specific Technician.”  No matter what the note is, you are empowered with insights to improve the customer experience.

Full Access Activity Reports

Get powerful insights through custom activity reports.  Pull reports by subject or topic such as complaints, employee reviews, service notes, and more. Filter by date, employee, or customer.  Identify customers who have had multiple complaints to flag for a manager call to improve customer satisfaction.  Understand why customers leave to improve customer retention.  Anything you need to know about your customers are at your fingertips.

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