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Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Management Software solution for inventory

Inventory Management Just Got Easy

Warehouse Management Software is a key component of the Total Office Manager enterprise solution.  You get full control over billing hours per project, inventory control both in warehouse and in your service tech’s vans, kitting, and more.  Additionally, managing your inventory will be simplified with bar code support, inventory reporting, and on the fly price adjustments.


Bar Codes


Time Clock


Serial Number Tracking

Equipment and parts can be tracked by serial number. This makes searching fast and accurate.  

Bin Location Tracking

Allows you to establish and track an exact location within a warehouse or truck. This makes it easier for employees to locate items. Counting and auditing inventory is less labor intensive. 

Bar Code Scanning

Print and scan bar codes to enter and relive inventory. You can scan bar codes to fill out forms and lookup information. You can even scan the bar codes already on the container using the Item Alias feature. Bar codes make data entry faster and more accurate. 

Item Aliases

Create multiple part numbers for the same item. Assign each vendor’s part number to that item. Scan your vendor’s bar code to automatically enter or relieve inventory. Learn More HERE.

Multiple Business Locations

Setup warehouse for different business locations. This makes inventory management easier because everything is viewed and managed in one place. 

Track Inventory by Vehicle

Vehicles are rolling warehouses. Total Office Manager allows for easy tracking of inventory by truck. See what items are required for a job and view inventory before you dispatch a truck. This can recue labor and travel expenses. 

Create Kits and Groups

Save time by creating lists of items. Give that list a part number for easy data entry. This makes entering numerous items faster and more accurate. 

Item Manufacturing

Create an inventory part from other inventory parts. Component items are automatically removed from inventory and the resulting product is entered as a new item. This advanced feature can be a huge time saver. 

Item Assembly

Build inventory items from items you have in stock or items you have manufacturer. Assign serial numbers to your builds. 

Track Historical Average Cost

Our advanced inventory system will always know the average cost of an item, even if you go back in time. This allows you to back date transactions, like an invoice or a bill, without messing up your inventory costs. 

Warehouse Inventory Software

Inventory Insights That Matter

Easy Bar Code Integration Software solution

Easy Bar Code Integration

Create HVAC Custom Item Assemblies

Create Custom Item Assemblies

Worker using software on iPad

On-The-Fly Pricing & Costing

Easily Manage Truck Stock solutions

Easily Manage Truck Stock

Screen Shots

Inventory Management Software
Aptora Warehouse Management Software Inventory Valuation By Warehouse
Serialized - Inventory Tab - After Save
Warehouse Management Software Inventory reordering by Warehouse
Inventory Part
HVAC inventory report
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