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Getting your client’s invoiced and staying on top of collections is a priority for any business. It’s all about billing and collecting. Aptora understands that, because we are “contractors making software for contractors”®. In fact, that’s our registered trademark.

Total Office Manager® includes a robust set of features for managing sales leads, creating proposals, invoicing, mailing statements, and collecting money.


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Basic Overview


You have the opportunity to start the whole process with an electronic phone message. You can also enter a sales lead using the Sales Opportunity Manager. A sales proposal or estimate can be entered and set to “pending”.  Change orders can be added as needed. Once you make the sale, purchase orders can be automatically generated for items that appear on the estimate but are not in stock. Estimate can be converted to an invoice with a touch of a button. Invoices can be created for all or part of the estimate. Progress billing is supported. There are dozens of templates to print from.

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  • Friendly Easy To Use Interface
  • Generous Field Lengths and Room for Notes
  • AIA® Billing Option
  • Sell From Multi-Locations Including Trucks
  • Create Flat Rate Pricing Books
  • Import Vendor Items and Pricing
  • Highly Detailed Sales History
  • Automated Sales Commissions
  • Attach Documents to Jobs
  • Unlimited Notes Per Job or Client
  • Preferred Vendor Tracking
  • Best Price Tracking
  • “On File” Credit Card Storage
  • Heavy Duty Credit Card Security
  • Strong Credit Card Number Encryption
  • Credit Card Number Validity Checking
  • Multiple Default Payment Methods
  • Batch Check ACH Processing
  • Batch Credit Card Processing
  • Canadian Payment Options Available
  • Supports Progress Billing
  • Handles Down Payments and Retainage
  • Multiple Sales Tax Rates and Authorities
  • Line-By-Line Item Sales Tax Methods
  • Group Sales Tax Items Together
  • Handles Sales on Consignment (floor plan)
  • Built-in Sales Opportunity Manager
  • Built-in Customer Relationship Manager
  • Create Credit Memos and Refunds
  • Automatic Invoice Payment Application

System Details


Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM)
Total Office Manager’s SOM includes an extensive set of sales lead management tools. You can create a product list and track closure rates by product and salesperson. You can develop profiles and qualifying questions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The CRM system offers a very robust set of tools for capturing information about your prospects and clients. There is a powerful contact log and an unlimited number of user defined fields.

Sales Proposals and Estimates
You can create highly detailed, or very simple, estimates and sales proposals. You can enter a projected total and build up your item list to match it. Group items and flat rate tasks can be inserted. The Look Up feature allows you to do sophisticated searches and filtering and items in bulk.

Sales & Invoices
Use the sales form when you have already received payment (COD). The invoice form allows you to receive a partial payment and collect the balance later. Use the unique Reimbursables feature to quickly gather and apply materials. Assign sales commissions and multiple technicians with a few clicks. These forms are customizable.

Sales Taxes
Sales tax can be calculated on retail price, wholesale price, and gross profit. Each item can be taxed by one or more sales tax items. Multiple tax authorities are managed easily. There is a nice payment window that tracks who you owe, how much, and when it’s due.

Printing Sale and Invoices
We have included dozens of customizable templates to pick from. You can use the report designer to create your own custom sales and invoice forms.

Statement Creation
We have built a unique set of features and options that should satisfy even the most demanding person. It’s really easy to sort and filter your list. There are many customizable templates to pick from. You can use the statement report designer to create your own custom statements.



  • Extensive Lookup and Search Capability
  • Popup Notes by Client or Job
  • Past Due and Over Credit Limit Alerts
  • Password Protected Credit Hold
  • Print Warehouse Pick Tickets
  • Automatic Purchase Order Creation
  • Email Estimates as a PDF Attachment*
  • Create and Reuse Estimate Templates
  • Unlimited Markup Methods
  • Unlimited Markup Tables
  • Track Estimated and Actual Gross Profit
  • Preference to Sell Out of Stock Items
  • Assess Finance Charges
  • Print Statements and Past Due Notices
  • Statement Report Designer
  • Invoice/Sales/Proposal Report Designer
  • Exclude Friends and Family from Notices
  • Rock Solid Security and Auditing
  • Optional Mobile Management
  • Dozens of Sales and A/R Reports
  • Training Videos and Manuals
  • Comprehensive Context Sensitive Help

*Required MS Outlook, Express, or Mail, an email account, and an internet connection.

Live Demonstrations by Knowledgeable Professionals

The best way to learn about Total Office Manager’s comprehensive sales and A/R system is to attend one of our live demonstrations. There will be zero sales pressure, just an informative product demonstration. Please contact us for more information at 913-492-9930.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Accessing Finance Charges
It’s easy to create a list of people to assess finance charges too. There are many different options on calculation methods.

VIP Exclusions
You can easily exclude VIPs such as friends and family from receiving a statement, past due notice, or being accessed finance charges.

A/R Reports
Total Office Manager’s vast array of reports allows you to see extensive details regarding who owes you and when the money is due.

Multiple Payment Methods
You can add a primary and secondary default payment method. Strong encryption is used to protect credit cards and security codes are not stored. Batch credit card and ACH processing is available.

Report Designer
Estimates, invoices, sales, and statements can be created using any of our dozen or more templates. You can also modify a template or create a report from scratch using our powerful, yet easy to use, report designer.

Highly Detailed History
Total Office Manager has the ability to show you a single vendor’s history in one easy-to-use location. View your pending purchases, previous purchases, bills paid, bills due, checks written, and items received. You can right click on an item to view a complete history of that item including a list of every purchase and every sale.

Detailed Reports
We include lots of reports so that you can see exactly what’s going on with each item. Most reports can be customized or tailored to one degree or another. There are dozens of ways to search for items and item activity.

Point of Sale (POS)
By combining all of the power of Total Office Manager with a cash register, POS Light will allow contractors and service companies to better manage their over-the-counter sales in a retail store environment. Users will be able to use an inexpensive computer or even repurpose one of their older computers. POS Light includes a USB cash drawer, USB credit card swipe, bar code scanner, cables, power adapter, and a special software update.

Expert Training

We offer internet based training and on-site training. We have produced a set of videos and manuals that guide you through most processes.

Technical Support and Updates

We know that there is no substitution for being able to just pick up the telephone and talk to someone knowledgeable. That’s why Aptora is known for its outstanding technical support.

  • All technical support is performed “in-house” by trained professionals. We provide our technicians with extensive ongoing training. If they do not have the answer, they can speak with someone in our company that does have the answer.
  • We do not farm out software programming services or technical support to other countries.
  • We have employees, not contractors working from home.
  • Our support staff is highly qualified and made of technicians, programmers, and accountants.

No software is perfect and neither is Total Office Manager. The difference is that we will own up to our mistakes and fix them quickly without excuses. Aptora is very aggressive when it comes to enhancing and perfecting Total Office Manager. Updates are easily downloaded from the internet. We offer a variety of support packages to fit any need or budget.

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Inventory Management Software
Aptora Warehouse Management Software Inventory Valuation By Warehouse
Serialized - Inventory Tab - After Save
Warehouse Management Software Inventory reordering by Warehouse
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HVAC inventory report
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