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Aptora’s Customer Referral Program

Earn 5% with our Customer Referral Program

Aptora is the nation’s leading producer of all-in-one ERP software for the HVAC and field service industry. We are also the nation’s leader in flat rate pricing systems. We produce an ERP software program called Total Office Manager®, flat rate pricing software called Flat Rate Plus Online®, and many more.  We conduct seminars, workshops, and host events across the country.

Refer a Client and You Get Paid

The most successful sales leads come from satisfied customers. Nothing compares to the credibility and insight that Aptora Software customers can provide when discussing business successes with their peers. With this idea in mind, Aptora Software is excited to offer compensation for your referral efforts. With the Customer Referral Program, you can register names of other businesses that may be looking for a new software solution. And when your referrals result in closing new sales, you get paid!

All Aptora customers and advocates are eligible to participate. Once the sale closes, your bonus comes to you in the form of a referral fee check. The check is your reward for referring new opportunity prospects to Aptora Software.

Under the program, you’ll be paid a referral fee equal to 5% of the actual sale price of the software, minus any promotions or discounts. We will use the net sale amount found on the customer’s original invoice. You don’t receive compensation for ongoing fees or payments made to Aptora. The referral must be made prior to the prospect contacting Aptora through existing corporate marketing or partner marketing and referral efforts, and they cannot be listed as an existing lead in our database. This program does not apply to maintenance and support plans.

The referral fee will be paid by check from the accounting department of Aptora. It will be mailed within 90 days after the sale closes if the order has been paid for in full. The 90-day grace period ensures that the referred customer is satisfied with the software and gives sufficient time to make the full payment. We will consider other forms of payment to you. Please let us know.

Product Demonstrations

If you would like to participate in product demonstrations because you feel it will increase the chances of a sale, we welcome it. We will gladly add you to the event.

Coupon Codes and Special Discounts

From time to time, we will give you special coupon codes to share with your prospects. These coupon codes will unlock special savings and offers.

How to Submit Sales Leads

Once we have your application on file and approved, we will provide you with a link to a sales lead registration form. When you enter a lead, that is how we know it belongs to you.

How to Get Started

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