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Data Migration Services2021-08-18T10:42:14-05:00

Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

Bring Your Data With You

Aptora’s data migration services  team has the skills and tools to migrate your data from just about any other application to Total Office Manager®.  If you’ve got data, chances are we can migrate it.

Data migrations are performed by database professionals and specialized software to transfer your data from your current application into Total Office Manager.

Data Migration Services May Include…

  • Customers

  • Equipment

  • Invoice/Work Orders

  • Service Agreements

  • Vendors

  • Inventory

  • Employees

  • Price Books / Flat Rate Pricing

QuickBooks Data Migration Services

Transfer Your Data from QuickBooks®

  • Adjusting Journal Entries

  • Bank Deposits

  • Bills

  • Bills – Paid

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Checks

  • Classes

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Customers

  • Customer Credits

  • Customer Details

  • Customer Messages

  • Customer Notes

  • Customer Payments

  • Customer Terms

  • Customer Types

  • Employees

  • Estimates

  • Inventory Items

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Invoices

  • Invoice Notes

  • Item Categories

  • Item Receipts

  • Jobs

  • Markup Methods

  • Payroll

  • Payroll Adjustments

  • Payroll Checks

  • Payroll Items

  • Payroll Setup Details

  • Purchase Orders

  • Sales

  • Sales Tax Groups

  • Sales Tax Items

  • Time Sheets

  • Vendors

  • Vendor Credits

  • Vendor Terms

  • Warehouses

Data Migration Services for Other Applications

If you don’t see your current software, ask us and we may be able to migrate your data!

  • Acowin

  • ACT

  • Autotask

  • Bluegrass

  • CanAm

  • CometTracker

  • CUC Software

  • DataBasics

  • dESCO (ESC)

  • FACS

  • FieldEdge

  • Goldmine

  • Hindsite

  • Housecall Pro

  • Maxwell

  • Nitek

  • One Plus

  • PeachTree

  • Performance Dispatch Plus

  • Premier

  • Quantrac

  • QuickService

  • S2000

  • Sage 300

  • SAS Win

  • Service CEO

  • Service First

  • Service Fusion

  • Service Titan

  • Servicom

  • Shafers

  • Smart Service

  • Successware21

  • Timberline

  • Wensoft / Dynamics

  • Many more!


Will my general journal details migrate?2021-01-11T22:47:17-06:00

No. There will not be a detailed General Journal if beginning balances are entered in lump sum values for one day prior to the “Go Live” date. If you are wanting to have all transactions for the current year detailed, you will need to recreate each entry manually. We generally try to migrate a client as close to the end of a period as possible. If your company runs on a calendar fiscal year and you would like to be live 1/1/20XX, we will migrate you as close to the end
of the year as possible. You would then close out your books in your existing software as of 12/31/20XX, beginning balances entered for 12/31/20XX, and you are live with day to day entries beginning 1/1/20XX.

Will my open receivables & payables be migrated?2021-01-11T22:35:24-06:00

Our list migrations do not include the migration for financial data. When the migration is completed, you have the option to have your beginning balances
entered by the migration department or they can be entered by your office staff.
Generally, when a company migrates from one software to another, the beginning balances are entered for their Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Payroll, Sales Tax, and Chart of Accounts for the entire balance one day prior to their “Go Live” date. For instance, if your “Go Live” date is 1/1/20XX, balances are entered as of 12/31/20XX.
You may be wondering “What does this mean for all my existing receivables and payables?” For each Customer, an Opening Balance Invoice is created for 12/31/20XX. You would then be able to apply any payments received against that opening balance until it is paid in full. For each Vendor, an Opening Balance Bill is created for 12/31/20XX. You would then be able to pay on this bill until the balance is paid in full. If you are not wanting a lump sum entry, the open transactions can be manually entered to affect the aging reports properly.

Can We import data from existing flat rate pricing software ourselves?2021-01-11T22:34:21-06:00

Yes, your items and groups from your current flat-rate program can be usually imported into Total Office Manager and updated as often as need be. This can easily be done by the users and there are various formats that you can import from, including Microsoft Excel® (.xls), Comma Separated Values (.csv), Microsoft Access® (.mdb), and delimited text files (.txt).

Are my existing service agreements migrated?2021-01-11T22:32:56-06:00

Maybe. Because there are so many variables that are tied to Service Agreements (Completed vs. Pending Planned Maintenance Work Orders, Escrow Accounting, etc.), these will be entered into your new Total Office Manager database by members of your office staff. The migration and training departments will discuss these with you and decide the best approach for the entry of these during the Planning Meeting.

What happens to my account balances?2021-01-11T22:32:00-06:00

During the migration, beginning balances will be entered for your Chart of Account balances for one day prior to your “Go Live” date.

How does existing payroll data migrate over?2021-01-11T22:31:18-06:00

Because we do not migrate your financial data, Year-To-Date Payroll is entered for each employee as part of the beginning balances process.

What is a planning meeting?2021-01-11T22:30:18-06:00

A Planning Meeting is conducted on all new sales for Total Office Manager clients. This meeting is used to get to know you, discuss your plans for going live with the program, address the training process, answer any questions that you may have over the data migration, and the game plan to get up and running with Total Office Manager. Planning Meetings generally take 15-30 minutes depending on the amount of questions you may have.

How long does a data migration take?2021-01-11T22:28:59-06:00

The migration process generally takes one full week to accomplish. Migrations are performed on a scheduled basis by appointment. Please keep in mind that appointment slots can be as long as three months into the future during our busy season. We recommend that you set a migration appointment the moment you invest in the software.

*QuickBooks® name and logo is a registered trademark of Intuit®  Aptora is not affiliated with QuickBooks® or Inuit®.

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