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Wintac Software Database Migration – What Aptora Can Do

We have performed numerous migrations of Wintac® data into our software. We do a very good job of getting your important Wintac information and entering it into your new Aptora software.

Do you also use QuickBooks? We also specialize in QuickBooks information. Please ask us for details.

Below is a list of things we can pull from the Wintac software database and migrate into Total Office Manager. If you do not see what you are looking or, please let us know. It is likely that we can get the information.

Chart of Accounts This is the listing of your financial accounts used throughout the program.  We will migrate the account name, account type, account number, and description (if available).  The migration team may assist with importing of beginning balances if requested.
Vendors The listing of vendors will be migrated with any available addresses, contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, and terms.
Employees The listing of employees will be migrated with any available address, phone numbers, and contacts.  Payroll wages and withholdings are not included with the employee migration.  This information will be setup during the training processes.
Items This is the listing of your products and services you purchase and sell to customers.  These items will be extracted from Wintac and formatted into an import ready file for your review.
Customers This is the listing of your customers and their locations, subaccounts, and/or jobs.  We will migrate the available name, contacts, billing and work addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and available customer attributes.
Work Orders This information will come from the invoices created in Wintac.  It can be migrated as work orders for historical reference, added to the customer contact log, or both.  Based on conversations during the discovery call, we include the items used on the invoices or place them in the contact log just for historical reference. We will migrate the available work order number, date, time, technician assigned, notes of work completed, and items used.
Equipment This is the equipment which is attached to customer records for service.  We will migrate the description, model number, serial number, install date, warranty dates, and notes, if available. Equipment will be attached to the customer and available for selection on work orders, estimates, invoices, and service agreements.
Financial Data As our database is very different from the Wintac database, we do not migrate financial information.  This means we cannot migrate the prior bills and checks/credit card charges which paid them. We cannot migrate prior payroll information.  We cannot migrate past invoices and the payments attached to them.  We do recommend you maintain a historical copy of the Wintac database to refer to this information.  If you are unable to access the database due to licensing or interruption in service, we could discuss options to summarize this financial information into the respective contact logs.
Photos & Documents Many companies store files for photos and documents inside the database.  Total Office Manager uses a file directory storage platform on the local computers or servers.  If your documents are stored in the Wintac file with a file path, we will map this path as Document Links in Total Office Manager. If you are on our hosted platform, our hosted team will assist you with uploading this information to the hosted environment.  Once these files are transferred, we can map the paths to the documents.If your files are stored within the database, these will need to be exported as an actual file and reattached to the customers.  If your files are stored in web storage, we can recommend someone to help bring those files down from the web and store them on a computer.  Once downloaded, they can be mapped to the customer files.

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After hours support will still be available for hosted clients with connectivity issues.

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