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United States Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 27, 2020

Aptora Corporation appreciates the significance and value of each individual’s right to personal privacy. Personal information received from clients, potential clients and visitors is deemed by Aptora Corporation to be private and is not used outside of that particular relationship without the permission of the one providing the information.

Aptora Corporation does analyze general statistics regarding our website’s usefulness. This information is never personal. We do not collect personal data about individuals who visit other than what that visitor may wish to share with us.

We analyze statistical information such as hits per page or downloads per file per period, but we do not analyze “who” hit our pages or downloaded our files. In short, unless you specifically contact Aptora Corporation and tell us you have visited, we won’t know you were here.

If you do provide information about yourself, you should know that we value it and we do not redistribute it. We NEVER sell or offer contact information about our clients, potential clients or visitors to others. Again, in short, no one will receive information about you from Aptora Corporation without your explicit permission. You will not be quoted on our site or in any of our promotional materials without your explicit permission.

In the event that our company is sold to another party, customer and visitor information will likely become part of that transaction. We are sure if you sell your company, your buyer will expect to know who your clients are. We would be no different.

We may wish to contact you from time to time when we feel that we have something important to tell you. You may email us by clicking here. In the message area, you may also insert any email addresses you wish for us to remove from our list. We will make a significant effort not to send you anything.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about Aptora Corporation’s use of personal information please Contact Us! We will be happy to discuss our policies and practices regarding personal privacy!

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