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Frequently Asked Questions - Before the Sale

  • How many customers do you have? Are you large enough to support our organization?

    We have over 5000 customers. Some of our customers have 200+ employees. So, Aptora is large enough to support your organization but small enough to care about you.

  • Where are you located? Can we come out and visit?

    We are located in Overland Park, Kansas, right outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Being in the middle of the country allows us to easily fly to both the east and west coast for onsite training with customers. Everyone is welcome to visit. 

  • Is your company in danger of going out of business or selling out like Wintac did?

    No. We created Aptora 360 in 2023, the modern version of our 15-year software platform that ran from 2008-2023. Investing time and money in this modern platform means we will continue far into the future.

  • How frequently do you update your software?

    To ensure Total Office Manager software operates effectively and efficiently, we release updates 1-2 times a month. These updates encompass bug fixes, tax updates, and the addition of new features.

  • Your software does a lot! Is it exceedingly difficult to learn?

    No, because we teach you the basics first. Once you have the basics down, it makes everything else easier to learn.

  • How long will it take us to learn the software and go-live?

    We understand that the most difficult aspect of switching to new software is successful implementation. That's why our office offers software usage training. Our proven 12-Step Training Program will guide users in mastering the essentials for going live. The duration of completing the training will depend on the dedication and effort of your team. Typically, we have seen the highest success rate with businesses that can devote 1 hour a day to learning. If you have used QuickBooks before, you will have an easier time learning our software since it is similar to QuickBooks.

  • Can you guys migrate my data from my current software into yours?

    Certainly. Our data migration team is skilled, and equipped to transfer your data from almost any other application.

  • When we migrate our data into your software, do all my invoices and financials migrate over properly?

    Our list migrations exclude the migration of financial data. Upon completion of the migration, you can choose to have your starting balances entered by the migration department or enter them yourself with your office staff.

  • The software we currently use in on premise. What benefits are there to moving to your cloud-based system?

    The system is faster, more reliable, easier to access, more scalable, more secure, and more powerful.

  • Is there a way we can demo your new software system?

    Yes, our sales team is standing by to help assist you. Please schedule a demo with us today!

  • Is your software going to cost me “an arm and a leg”?

    We believe in up-front, flat-rate pricing. That is why we list all our prices on the website. See Prices Here

  • How long is your price valid for hosted? Will your prices increase over time? Once we sign up, are we locked in forever if we change our mind?

    Our prices will go up over time due to inflation, but we can lock your price in for years at a time. Talk to our sales reps to learn more. No, we do not hold you hostage. We allow our users to cancel anytime unlike most of our competitors!

  • If we sign up with you, do we have to pay the monthly fee during implementation and training, or does that occur only after we fully learn and utilize the software to run our business?

    You must pay for however many users you feel you will need while training. For instance, if you have 20 technicians on staff, you might want to train 3 of them at a time on how to use Mobile, so 3 users would be fine with starting out since they could all share the licenses. Same goes with your office users. You can go up and down with users anytime, so if the count is not right, you can always adjust it by calling your sales representative.

  • Does your software require synchronizing to an accounting system, such as QuickBooks or Sage, for it to work properly?

    No! Unlike many of the software platforms out there that claim to be all- in-one, but then tell you that you must buy QuickBooks for their software to work, ours comes ready to go out of the box because the accounting is included.

  • Our data is not synchronizing correctly with QuickBooks. Will we have the same issue when using your software program?

    No! You will not have the same issue because we do not rely on QuickBooks to do our accounting. Within our software, the accounting is real-time, with no syncing necessary. This means you get up-to-the-second real-time financials.

  • In our current software system, we had to purchase the higher-end, more expensive version of QuickBooks to unlock advanced inventory functionality. Will we have to pay a higher price to unlock advanced inventory features in your software as well?

    No. Our accounting system is ready to go out of the box. There are no upgrades that you will need to purchase.

  • Will my accountant be ok with us using an accounting system that is not QuickBooks?

    If someone knows how to use QuickBooks, they will not have a tough time understanding our software.

  • Is your accounting built in?

    Yes, our accounting is built in! The Total Office Manager software is a comprehensive all-in-one system that combines your accounting, payroll, scheduling, dispatching, service agreements, customer equipment management, and field service operations, thus eliminating the need for QuickBooks. 

  • We have only ever used QuickBooks. Are there advantages to using your software?

    This provides a huge advantage to your business. For instance, there will be no data lost during a QuickBooks synchronizing process, no double data entry, you will be able to defer revenue for service agreements, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of performance payment methods within our payroll, and much more. Do you have an idea and want to let us know about it? Please do. Unlike QuickBooks, we can custom program accounting changes quickly, and will work directly with you on a first-name basis.

  • Can your software help me with project management?

    Yes. We include stages on work orders, purchase orders, estimates, invoices, and more, so that you can keep track of what phase the job is in. We also include detailed work log notes for teams to view and share who did what and when.

  • Does your software have AIA billing built in to help save us time?

    Yes, it is built in, so it is available to everyone.

  • Can we do flat rating out of your software?

    Yes. You can load flat-rate data into the software, create flat-rate tasks yourself one-by-one, or a combination of both.

  • Does your software come with images, installation operation maintenance manuals, and product descriptions preloaded for the flat rate products we sell?

    No, it does not. You will need to load in the material.

  • Can we present good, better, best repairs and installations?

    Yes, you can!

  • Can we use bar code scanners in your system?

    Yes, you can!

  • Can we replenish truck stock or warehouse inventory in your system?

    Yes, you can!

  • Will your software help us get more 5-star reviews?

    Yes. Upon completing a work order, the customer receives an automated thank you email or text, asking for a review.

  • Can we run multiple companies with your software?

    Yes, Total Office Manager enables you to run multiple companies within the software at no additional cost.

  • We sell Trane and/or American Standard equipment. Will we get a discount?

    We have a partnership with Trane. It is likely they will help cover some of the cost of the software. Please call our sales team to discuss.

  • We are a member. Will we get a discount?

    Yes. Due to their excellence in helping the contracting industry with a variety of education, training, services, tools, and other offerings, we have a partnership with EGIA and a discount for members.

  • We use Profit Rhino. Does it integrate with your software?

    Yes, it will integrate with Aptora 360. Aptora 360 is an open API, so it will be able to integrate with anything else that also has an open API. APIs are how computer programs communicate to one another even if they are programmed in entirely different languages!

  • We have VOIP phones. Does your software integrate with them? Will we have to buy new VOIP phones?

    VOIP phone integration will be available in Aptora 360.

  • We use Verizon to track our work truck locations on a map. Can we do this in your software using Verizon or do we have to use something else?

    Yes, we integrate with Verizon!

  • Will your software help us improve our marketing tracking?

    Yes, it will. The software keeps track of marketing expenditures, how profitable those marketing expenditures are, which of your customers have aging equipment, your customers' birthdays, mailers, email, when you last emailed the customer and why, when you last called them and why, when you last mailed them a letter and why, and much more so you can tailor your message uniquely to each customer you interact with.

  • What marketing platforms does your software utilize?

    With our open API, you can link with any open API marketing systems. Keep in mind, we do have some marketing already built into Total Office Manager, but if you prefer something like HubSpot, it's a possibility to utilize HubSpot in conjunction with Aptora 360.

  • Is there a way for salespeople to present their options visually to the customer while out in the field, like a sales presentation?

    Yes. We make sure you can present videos, documentation, photos, prices, financing, and more while in front of the customer.

  • Can salespeople and techs access energy savings calculators, videos, and brochures through your software, to help educate the customer?

    Yes, they can.

  • We want our salespeople to generate more sales. Does your software help close more business?

    Yes, the software will help your salespeople and techs educate the customer on their options, offer to finance, appear professional with smart tablets/phones, present energy savings, run heat load calculations on the spot, show product videos, show marketing materials, offer good-better-best offerings, show discounts when buying more services or purchasing additional special offerings, and much more.

  • Can our salespeople create install quotes, like time and material quotes, while out on the job site? Can they choose from pre-made install “kits”?

    Yes, they can create time and material quotes as well as choose from installation kits that suit the job.

  • We have a high turnover with our techs. We want field software that is easy to learn so we can get new technicians up to speed quickly. Is it easy to teach techs how to use your software?

    Yes, it is. We fully understand how difficult software can be for technicians, so we carefully polled and worked with technicians while developing the software to better understand their needs.

  • On weekends and after hours, one of our techs acts as a dispatcher. Is this possible in your field software?

    Yes. When given access, your technician can fully dispatch jobs, dispatch appointments, and view the company calendar or their calendar while out in the field. So, if you give them permission to do so, they can dispatch other technicians, too, not just themselves. 

  • We want our techs to provide proof, and record when they purchase parts at the supply warehouse. Is this possible with your software?

    Yes. When a tech is filling out a purchase order in the field, there is a shortcut to include a photo of the receipt right on the purchase order.

  • Can techs look up service history and equipment history while out in the field?

    Yes. We pride ourselves on the most extensive service history in the industry.

  • Will your software help us keep the techs out of the supply warehouse so more work orders are completed faster and customers do not get upset waiting for them to go grab a part?

    Yes! Our purchase order system allows not only the office, but also the warehouse and technicians to know when, why, how, and if a part was ordered yet.

  • Will your software help us increase our average ticket size?

    Yes, because the technician can show the customer that if they spend more, they will receive a discount today. The software will also allow them to show images of equipment damage to the customer to better educate them as to why they need to purchase these parts and services.

  • Can we collect payments out in the field?

    Yes, you can!

  • Can we provide financing in the field?

    Yes, you can!

  • Can we link photos and documents for field personnel to access while on the job site? Can the field personnel upload photos while on the job? Can the office then view those photos that were uploaded out in the field?

    Yes, yes, and yes!

  • We are struggling to keep up with inflation, so we have found we are not charging enough for the parts we sell. Will your software help us solve this problem?

    Yes. We are actively working to incorporate real-time pricing into the software via several vendors. We can also update your retail price and markup method within the software at any time because it keeps track of what you are paying the vendor(s) for the parts and equipment you purchase.

  • We do a lot of new installation projects. Does your software have progressive billing?

    Yes, it does!

  • Will we get real-time job costing in your software or do we have to wait until the customer has already paid their invoice and the bills paid for the job for us to know how profitable the job was?

    You do not have to wait! Our accounting system operates in real time - no syncing necessary!

  • Can you process credit cards? If so, what are your rates and fees?

    Yes, we can! Unlike many software programs, we don't compel you to use our credit card processor and pay associated fees. Instead, we will work with your existing processor or provide you with options to choose from for credit card processing vendors that can be integrated into Total Office Manager.

  • Can I get good job-costing reports from your software?

    Total Office Manager is an all-in-one comprehensive software, with job costing integrated throughout the system. It helps you track every expense and income for each job, enabling you to see total revenue and expenses, and determine which jobs are profitable and which are not.

  • Do you have payroll built into your software?

    Total Office Manager has a robust and versatile payroll system integrated into the software. It includes many features commonly found in top-tier payroll software applications.

  • Does your software connect to our bank account, like QuickBooks?

    Total Office Manager does not automatically connect to your bank account, which we advise against as it goes against accounting best practices.

  • Can your software handle service agreements?

    Of course! Keep in mind, the software was made from the ground up for contractors.

  • Can your software handle work orders that will span a great length of time?

    Yes, we call these multi-period work orders.

  • Will your software help us reduce diagnostic-only work orders?

    Yes, it will. For the same reasons, the software will help you increase average ticket sizes and generate more sales.

  • When making service agreements, can we schedule the next service call at the time of the current service call?

    There is no need to wait and do monthly batching, you can schedule the next service call right away! 

  • Can you show me from start to finish a typical service job in your software?

    Yes! Just click here to schedule a demonstration with us.

  • When is Aptora 360 coming out?
  • Why did you create a new software system (Aptora 360), rather than continue with the old one?

    Like all good things, everything ends. Not true in this case! We took everything GREAT about Aptora and put it into our new innovative software system. This means, you get everything you love about Total Office Manager now in a futuristic 2023 programming language that opens a world of possibilities, like artificial intelligence and automation, to make your life easier in the workplace!

  • Why does your software look so old?

    You are looking at our Aptora system that spanned from 2008 to 2023. Be sure to look at our new system, Aptora 360!

  • We have multiple companies on separate tax returns. Can we run a consolidated report out of your software to view all of them?

    Currently this feature is not available. However, this is something we are having added into Aptora 360.

  • Do you have a web portal where our customers can pay a bill online?

    This is going to be available within Aptora 360.

  • Can our customers book a work order online through your software?

    This is going to be available within Aptora 360.

  • Will the software alert us when the service agreement is about to expire via reminders, notifications, or emails? Something other than a list that shows what is about to expire.

    Currently this feature is not available, however we are adding this functionality to Aptora 360.

  • I have a few employees that are constantly both inside the office and out in the field. Do they need to purchase both an office user license and a field user license?

    On our Aptora 360 system, user licenses in the office also work in the field. So, if you are in the office, complete your office tasks, and if you are in the field, complete your field tasks all with one license!

  • Can we text customers directly out of your software like 2-way communication?

    This will be available soon in Aptora 360.

  • Do you have the ability to do voice recordings, so that we can help train our CSRs and monitor how well they interact with customers over the phone? Can we see reports on how often customers are put on hold and then hang up, thus losing their business altogether due to long phone wait times?

    Both will be available soon in Aptora 360.

  • Will Aptora Mobile look the same within the new system?

    The flow will be the same but you will no longer have to deal with using a product on the Apple or Android store. Everything will be through a browser instead. We will continue to update and make improvements based on all our users' feedback.

  • Is there a way to sort out the duplicate accounts when transferring from ESC/QB to Aptora?

    Our software allows you to merge Charts of Accounts into one. You may then delete the “empty” COA or inactivate it. You can do the same thing with customers. You can select one or more customers to merge into another. Even financial information is transferred properly.

  • Some accounts have different info in QB vs ESC. How is this handled?

    Our data migration technician will discuss this with you. The two of you will discuss the options and create a plan.

  • When considering a data migration, would it be better to start fresh? Can you transfer customer info one at a time?

    You should discuss this with our data migration technician. Generally speaking, you would only start fresh if you feel that your data is very poor and full of inaccurate and incorrect information. It is usually easier to fix data than to try and live without it. Our software has numerous tools to help you fix data. Also, unlike QuickBooks®, we have people that can advise you. We also offer paid services.

  • Will sub accounts transfer over?

    Customers and charts of accounts may have sub accounts, just like QuickBooks. Yes, we do migrate those.

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