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High Performance Financial Consultant

When it comes to seeking guidance and support for your business, choosing the right coach can be a game-changer. Kathleen Ries-Jubenville’s multi-dimensional expertise and dedication to empowering individuals and organizations set her apart. With Kathleen on your side, you can expect a transformative journey that unlocks your business’s full potential and fosters long-term success.

Meet YourSuccess Catalyst

With a wealth of expertise in various business domains and a commitment to personalized strategies, Kathleen's coaching sessions focus on tangible results and long-term growth. 

Kathleen's entrepreneurial journey and successful ventures demonstrate her ability to apply practical solutions and achieve exceptional results in various business domains.

With firsthand experience in building her own consulting firm and assisting numerous small businesses, Kathleen brings a wealth of practical knowledge to every coaching session.

Kathleen's coaching philosophy encompasses business strategy, leadership development, and financial acumen, providing a comprehensive approach to business growth and success.

Understanding that each business is unique, Kathleen customizes her coaching to address the specific needs and challenges of her clients, ensuring maximum impact.

With experience in business systems, team leadership, and financial management, Kathleen offers a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to coaching.

Businesses that have worked with Kathleen have experienced tangible improvements in cash flow, profitability, and overall performance.


Strategic Business Consulting

Kathleen leverages her expertise in building successful businesses to provide strategic guidance and implement effective processes that lead to substantial growth in revenue and profitability.

Leadership & Team Development

As an expert in human resources and team leadership, Kathleen equips business owners with the skills to foster a professional and ethical work culture, resulting in increased productivity and the protection of valuable business assets.

Financial Management & Planning

With a strong background in business finance, accounting, and tax planning, Kathleen assists businesses in managing their finances wisely, obtaining necessary funding, and implementing money management strategies for sustainable growth.

Unlock Your Potential

Book your free 30-minute consultation session with Kathleen today and embark on a transformative journey towards  success.

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