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Optimize your workflow with Total Office Manager® as your all-in-one field service management software program.

Total Office Manager

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Make the Change That Empowers Your Workers and Improves Your Business

Combine your full accounting, certified payroll, scheduling, dispatching, service agreements, customer equipment, mobile field management, CRM, sales lead management, marketing, flat rate pricing books, field service management, and more into one program. Backed by 25+ years of experience delivering HVAC industry leading software solutions.


Everything you need in one place

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Streamline Office Operations

Complete Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Enterprise Level Accounting
Easy Payroll Management
Integrated Marketing & Sales

Improve Your Field Operations

Flexible Job Costing
Flat Rate Pricing Books
Service Agreements
Custom Form Builder

Easily Manage Your Accounting Data

EGIA Powered Dashboard
Accurate Live Data
Departmentalized Financial Reports
Create Customizable Reports

Total Office Manager® Software Features

Total Office Manager® is a complete QuickBooks® replacement for contractors and field service management companies. It includes everything from accounting and payroll to dispatching, flat rate pricing, service agreements, job costing, KPIs, dashboards, and more. One software program and one database stops double entry and improves your reporting capability.

Auto Complete

When selecting from a list, users simply type a few characters to narrow the list.

Multiple Companies and DBA

Create an unlimited number of DBA'S (doing business as). Perfect for companies with multiple divisions, but share the same tax return.

Run Multiple Instances

You can open multiple Total Office Manager® instances on the same computer. This makes it easier to multitask on payroll in one instance and dispatching on the other instance.

Keyboard Friendly

We know some of you prefer a keyboard to a mouse so we have worked hard to provide plenty of keyboard shortcuts and provide a finely tuned tab order. This will make data entry much faster.

Zip Code Database

Enter a zip code and the system automatically populates the city, state, county, and country. This database can be updated by the user. This will increase mailing address accuracy and reduce time entering records.

Add Records on the Fly

Selection lists allow you to "Add New" without exiting the form.

Three Click Rule

Total Office Manager® allows you to access any feature within 3 clicks. This makes using the software easy and fast.

Smart Lists®

Create custom contact lists from almost any database table. This feature is perfect for creating truck stock lists, phone call lists, or any other list of data that needs special attention.

User Defined Fields

Create your own data entry fields and add them to various forms.

Experience True All-In-One Software

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No. Our all-in-one service management software is the complete solution for all administrative and field service tasks. 

Absolutely! Total Office Manager® is fully responsive with desktop, tablet, and mobile functionality.

Every service company thrives with an all-in-one management software like Total Office Manager®. Whether you're out in the field or in the office, our software manages all your administrative work. Now, you can spend more time doing what your company does best. See how Total Office Manager brings your business to the next level.

We build our software with ease for the end user in mind. Additionally, our support team is always available to help any technicians in the field.


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