Dispatch Field Service Scheduling Software

Total Office Manager’s integrated Dispatch Field Service Scheduling Software is critical to the success of any services business. Trusted by HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing contractors dispatching thousands of calls a day, our dispatch field service software can handle any size of organization. No 3rd party software needed.Our Dispatch Field Service Software is included with every Total Office Manager® license.

Dispatch Field Service Software Smart AI Scheduling Wizard

Quickly assign the right person to the right job, and get them there as fast as possible. Our service dispatch software wizard recommends the best technician for the job based on their skill set and their current location. The AI powered selection system looks at your technicians and considers their work order current status, tech location, job location, and even traffic.

Mapping to Minimize Technician Routing Time

Display your sales calls, appointments, installations, and service calls of a live city map. Save time and money by routing only the most appropriate person based on location.

Real Time Technician GPS

Use the Scheduling Wizard to locate the closest technician to the caller. This helps to optimize priority scheduling in real time based on the technician’s location, estimated time of completion, and drive time.

Asset Scheduling Assigned to Technicians

Dispatch equipment so that you’re not accidently double-booking equipment on the job. Not only can you dispatch technicians to the job, but you can also dispatch equipment to the job as well. This ensures you’re not accidently booking something that’s tied up on another job and if it is, it will warn your dispatcher that they are trying to double book it. This also ensures the technician knows that he/she is supposed to bring the asset with them to the job site.

List Views – Day, Week, and Month

Ability to see up to four days at a time in Day view. See fourteen days while in week view. See the month by employee or for entire company while in month view. Views are all customizable by employee.

Multi Department Schedule Boards

Create your own custom views by department to filter out only those you want to see.

Extensive MS Excel® Type Filtering

Create your own custom filtering to locate work orders that need your attention. Group your work orders to organize your work orders and see them in a view that makes sense for your workflow. We offer the same type of column filtering found in MS Excel along with several other methods we have perfected over the years.

MS Outlook® and Google Calendar® Integration

Create an export file to send the current view to an iCal format for import into external calendars. Over 100 Configuration Options We have jammed packed the dispatch schedule board with plenty of user and company preferences and settings.

Real-Time Schedule Rendering to Avoid Conflicts

Enable conflict scheduling to minimize overbooking of employees.

Include Employee Photos

You can select an employee photo to show on the schedule board. It may also appear in confirmation emails.

Custom Colors for Specific Event Types

You have a wide range of control over colors and under what circumstances those colors change. You can set colors for work order type, status, priority, and more. As your service technicians update their work orders using mobile, your colors will change automatically.

Dedicated CSR Per Client Support

We offer the ability to assign a dedicated inside CSR and outside sales person to each account. This will help you serve the client better because the CSR will have experience working with them. This allows for more efficient and personalized customer service.

Automate Calendar Reminders for Office & Field Technicians

Quickly set reminders for multiple employees. The Reminder system allows you to set reminders for different users for different reasons – and they work in the mobile software too. Never forget another important task.

Mobile Reminders

Reminders display on your mobile device even when you are out of the office, Total Office Manager will keep you on task.

Custom Schedule Board Profiles

Ability to create multiple custom profile views based on employees, work order and appointment types. Share your profiles with the entire team to make sure everyone is seeing the same information.

Specify Employee Time Off to Ensure Availability

Block employees time for out of office commitments and absences to prevent scheduling snafus.

Asset Scheduling Assigned to Technicians

Schedule company assets for use on work orders. See when and where a tool is currently in use.

View Employee Hours Worked to Avoid Too Many Hours

Avoid overtime and cut your payroll costs by quickly seeing how close technicians are to 40 hours in the pay period.

Customer Equipment Tracking Full Service History by Serial Number

View a complete list of all service calls and an itemized list of parts and labor for each unit. The warranty coverage for parts and labor is also shown.

Check Warranty Status

Quickly see when the equipment was installed and what warranty coverage is in effect.

Work Order Management Track Callbacks and Warranty Calls

We make is fast and easy to create callback work orders. You will be able to see how many each technician has created and how much those callbacks have cost your company. The same applies to warranty calls.

Span Multiple Days, Include Multiple People

Work Orders can span one or more days. It is easy to create a work order for several people that lasts one months or even years.

Recurring Work Orders

Work orders can be setup to automatically recreate themselves saving you time and improving accuracy.

Copy Work Order

Save time and increase accuracy with a one-click copy of a work order.

Parts Management within Work Orders

Work orders include a list of required items. This list is included on all printed or mobile work orders. Save needless multiple trips to part suppliers and warehouses.

Set Required Fields

You can set certain fields to be required upon creation or editing. This will help assure valuable information is collected the first time.

Manage Tools and Equipment within Work Orders

Your work orders can include various tools and equipment that is needed for the job. This helps you avoid double booking and reduce labor costs looking for tools.

Offer Your Clients Time Slots

Create a list of time slots (like 1:00PM to 3:00PM) and assign work orders to them. Easily sort your schedule board and other lists by time slots. Time slots are a convenience for your clients and a better way for your company to commit to specific times.

Convert Work Orders into Invoices

Work orders are converted to invoices with two mouse clicks. All information is copied. No double entry reduces labor expenses and helps make sure that everything gets charged to the customer.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy Create Appointments

Appointments appear on the schedule board so you will never miss another meeting or wonder where your coworkers are. Appointments can be private, personal or corporate related.

Recurring Appointments

Appointments (and work orders) can reoccur on a schedule of your choice.

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