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Setup Mobile Devices for Tracking

You can track the mobile device the employees are carrying. This is done through the Aptora Mobile II® or the Geo Time Tracker™ app. The map communicates with the app to determine its location and then displays that location on the map. The map is updated every two minutes or by your preference. All tracking data is stored inside the Total Office Manager database. This solution provides simple and very inexpensive tracking.

Prerequisites for the Customer

  1. Own Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II along with an active support plan.
  2. Aptora Mobile II  is installed, operational, and updated.
  3. Own the Schedule Board Mapping System (SBMS). This is the map feature built into the schedule board.
  4. You need a GPS Tracking license for each asset you wish to track. These are purchased through Aptora. Please speak to your account manager for more information. This is separate from your Aptora Mobile II user licenses.

Enter the Mobile Devices as Assets

You need to tell Total Office Manager what devices it needs to look for and track. Please make sure all assets in Total Office Manager have the required information. The process is the same for setting up a phone or tablet.

  1. Enter an asset for each mobile device (phone or tablet) that you wish to track. You can use an existing asset, if you have already entered one.
  2. From the Asset Type list, select Cellular Device Asset.
  3. Enter the Aptora Mobile II App Device ID. Here is where to get that information: Get the mobile device and open the Aptora Mobile II app. From within Aptora Mobile II, click More > Help > About Aptora Mobile. See “Device Id:”
  4. From your mobile device, be sure Location Tracking is turned on. This is a device setting. It is usually found in Device Settings. Look for “Location” or “App Location Permissions”. You should also turn on “Use Precise Location Sharing”. These terms vary by phone and OS.
  5. The MEID/IMEI is not needed. It is for informational purposes only (to help users identify the device).
  6. From the Assign Asset to Employee list, select the employee who carries the device.
  7. From the Additional Info tab, check the Track on Schedule Board Map checkbox.
  8. Click the OK button to save and close the form.
  9. Please repeat this process until all of your devices have been entered as assets.

Accessing GPS Tracking Information

Schedule Board Map

You should now be able to see the location of the device on your Schedule Board Map. Be sure your devices allow tracking (often called Location Tracking). It is easy for users to turn off tracking, especially if they own the device. Nothing else needs to be done to Aptora Mobile II.

GEO Tracking/GPS Information

In addition to using your schedule board map, we offer you the ability to access a complete set of GPS tracking records. This information is stored in your database.

  1. In Total Office Manager, click Reports | Custom Data Views. This will open a CDV form. From the main menu at the top, click Data Views and select GPS Tracking List. You can print preview, export, or build custom reports using the data.
  2. In Aptora Mobile II, click More | Lists | GPS Tracking List. A list should open with your tracking information. This list is grouped by source (e.g.: Android, Apple, Verizon).
  3. You can expand on the Source column to see all the activity from that source.
  4. The Contact Information will display specific names and locations of the GPS coordinates (when available).
  5. You can click a button that will open a map) depending on your mobile device) and display that location on that map.

Note: We have no control over what map is opened and how those results are displayed. That operation is performed by the mobile device.

Mapping and GPS Tips

  1. All of these tracking options must be purchased. Your account manager will need to enter the correct information on their side for the system to operate. You will need to enter certain registration information that is covered in this article.
  2. You will need one tracking license per device you wish to track. These licenses are different from your Aptora Mobile II user licenses.
  3. You can set the refresh rate of your Total Office Manager map from two to ten minutes. We recommend no quicker than every five minutes. Each refresh freezes the schedule board for a moment.
  4. The device will not report its position if it has not moved a certain distance. That distance can vary by phone model and OS.

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