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Mobile Form Builder allows you to create and manage forms and documents on your mobile device. You can customize a form for anything – some examples include Building Inspection Reports, Service Agreements, Vehicle Inspection Checklist, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and anything else you can imagine.

This revolutionary program is a plugin (add-on) application for Aptora Mobile II and seamlessly allows users to create forms that are then used as data entry screens in Mobile II. Once the forms are filled out, this information can be automatically transferred to a PDF that can be emailed or printed in the field. In addition, all the information filled out from the form is immediately saved to your Total Office Manager database for review and analysis. You can even build custom reports from the data collected.


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This Easy-to-Use Software Has Three Main Purposes:

  1. Build your own mobile app screens
  2. Create rich PDF to print and email
  3. Build eye-opening reports using the data you have collected.

Aptora Mobile Form Builder is built to increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs associated with handling paperwork. In addition, it enhances communication between your employees and ultimately improves your customer’s overall experience.

Easily Create Data Entry Screens 

Quickly build your own data entry forms in three easy steps. These forms can include custom labels, data fields, text boxes, selection lists, yes/no switches, calculation fields, sub-totals, signature boxes, customer equipment selector, and more. In minutes, you can build custom forms that you once had to pay skilled programmers thousands of dollars to do. 

Design PDF Templates 

After your data input screens (forms) are build, you can create PDF templates that can be stored, printed, and emailed. This action does require you to own a software program that can build PDFs such as Adobe Acrobat®. 

Unlimited Online Mobile Forms 

Create as many forms as you wish. There is no limit to the number of forms and templates you may create. 

No Programming Skill Needed 

We built Aptora Mobile Form Builder™ to be as simple as possible to setup and maintain. You do not need any special skills or knowledge. With a little bit of training, you should be able to create almost anything you need. 

Immediate Access to Data 

When you save your work, that information is immediately available for view in the desktop software. The office staff has instant access to the information your technicians enter. 

Complete Integration 

Since the data is stored in your Total Office Manager® database, you benefit from complete data integration. Captured data can be combine with customer history to create rich meaningful reports. 

Powerful Analysis and Reporting 

Use Total Office Manager’s Custom Data Viewer to create rich formatted reports and save those reports for later use. Your management team with have the information they need to make informed decisions. 

Launch Forms from Other Records 

You can launch the forms you built from customers, jobs, work orders, sales opportunities (sales leads), invoices, company assets, employees, and vendors. When the form opens, it picks up information from the record it originated from, saving you valuable time. 


  • Friendly Easy To Use Interface
  • Generous Field Lengths and Room for Notes
  • AIA® Billing Option
  • Sell From Multi-Locations Including Trucks
  • Create Flat Rate Pricing Books
  • Import Vendor Items and Pricing
  • Highly Detailed Sales History
  • Automated Sales Commissions
  • Attach Documents to Jobs
  • Unlimited Notes Per Job or Client
  • Preferred Vendor Tracking
  • Best Price Tracking
  • “On File” Credit Card Storage
  • Heavy Duty Credit Card Security
  • Strong Credit Card Number Encryption
  • Credit Card Number Validity Checking
  • Multiple Default Payment Methods
  • Batch Check ACH Processing
  • Batch Credit Card Processing
  • Canadian Payment Options Available
  • Supports Progress Billing
  • Handles Down Payments and Retainage
  • Multiple Sales Tax Rates and Authorities
  • Line-By-Line Item Sales Tax Methods
  • Group Sales Tax Items Together
  • Handles Sales on Consignment (floor plan)
  • Built-in Sales Opportunity Manager
  • Built-in Customer Relationship Manager
  • Create Credit Memos and Refunds
  • Automatic Invoice Payment Application

Export and Import 

You can easily export and import forms you build with other people. Share your creations with other business leaders around the world. This will save you time and money as well as open you up to entirely new ways of managing things. 

Increase Sales 

By analyzing data collected in the field in real-time, your sales team will have easy to access to service and installation opportunities. They will be able to view a list of customers who need certain services you have to offer. 

Rock Solid Security 

Protect your form submissions through a military strength encryption system known as SSL. 

Complete Privacy 

We are sure you’ve heard about breaches of security with cloud-based storage. Many people have found their “safe and secure” data in the hands of people with very bad intentions. We do not store your data and we have no access to it. It’s your data and it is saved on your computer – not ours. 

Detailed Permissions 

You have the ability to grant and forbid access to any form. Permissions can be revoked and modified at any time. 

Nothing Compares to Aptora Mobile Form Builder 

There or other programs that allow you to create internet-based forms. However, none of those programs completely integrate with your company’s business management or accounting software.  

Royalty Free and No Hidden Costs 

You own the forms you create. We have no hidden fees and no tricky pricing.

Expert Training

We offer internet based training and on-site training. We have produced a set of videos and manuals that guide you through most processes.

Technical Support and Updates

We know that there is no substitution for being able to just pick up the telephone and talk to someone knowledgeable. That’s why Aptora is known for its outstanding technical support.

  • All technical support is performed “in-house” by trained professionals. We provide our technicians with extensive ongoing training. If they do not have the answer, they can speak with someone in our company that does have the answer.
  • We do not farm out software programming services or technical support to other countries.
  • We have employees, not contractors working from home.
  • Our support staff is highly qualified and made of technicians, programmers, and accountants.

No software is perfect and neither is Total Office Manager. The difference is that we will own up to our mistakes and fix them quickly without excuses. Aptora is very aggressive when it comes to enhancing and perfecting Total Office Manager. Updates are easily downloaded from the internet. We offer a variety of support packages to fit any need or budget.

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