Barcode Inventory Software

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Barcode Inventory Software

Total Office Manager’s integrated Barcode Inventory Software helps HVAC, electrical and plumbing businesses take control of their inventory.   Now you can easily intake inventory, manage remote stock, and gain valuable insights through reporting.  Best of all, it’s all included with every Total Office Manager® license.

Barcode Inventory Software

Barcode Inventory Control

Quickly scan in parts using our barcode scanners. Increase accuracy and reduce labor costs.

Barcode Scanning and Printing

Print and scan barcodes to enter and relive inventory. You can scan barcodes to fill out forms and lookup information. You can even scan the barcodes already on the container using the Item Alias feature. Barcodes make data entry faster and more accurate.

Vendor Barcode Support

Our software will allow you to scan the barcode labels that are already on item packaging. There is no need to print your own labels. However, you can easily print you own, if you need to.

Alias Support

Create barcodes for alias items that align to your unique inventory tracking methodology.

Kit Support

Create barcodes for kits you resell.  Easily combine multiple items into a single inventory kit and manage it via barcodes.

Remote Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory in the field utilizing barcodes.  Know which field technician has the inventory on their truck to quickly route it to a customer who needs it.

Barcodes for Inventory and Tools

Not only can you use barcodes for products you resell, but also to manage your tools.  Quickly identify where your tools are at creating full accountability and reduce loss.

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