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Work Order Software

Total Office Manager’s integrated Work Order Software simplifies the entire work order process from beginning to end.  Most importantly, it is designed to be flexible to handle unique processes of each of our customers.

Exact Time Rendering

Work orders and appointments are rendering in their exact Start and End time timeslots. With a quick glance, you will see any and all open time slots or scheduling conflicts.

Control Colors for Fast Recognition

You can set colors for work order type, status, priority, and more. As your service technicians update their work orders using mobile, your colors will change automatically.

Recurring Work Orders

Work orders can be setup to automatically recreate themselves saving you time and improving accuracy.

Required Tools and Equipment

Your work orders can include various tools and equipment that is needed for the job. This helps you avoid double booking and reduce labor costs looking for tools.

Copy Work Order

Save time and increase accuracy with a one-click copy of a work order.

Check Against Technician Skills

Each of your employees can have “skills” associated with them. When scheduling employees, their skills will be compared to the work order type.

Convert Work Orders into Invoices

Work orders are converted to invoices with two mouse clicks. All information is copied. No double entry reduces labor expenses and helps make sure that everything gets charged to the customer.

Work Order Creation

Automatically generate work orders when agreements are sold or renewed.

Change Orders

Enter change orders on existing estimates. Quickly create work orders for change orders.

System Alerts

The main screen includes numerous alerts and messages indicating such things as overdue work orders. Alerts will improve accountability and customer service.

Quick Add

Our Quick Add features allows you to very quickly add work orders from scratch or from existing records. This saves the office time because they don’t have to start these records for the people in the field.

Mapping with Accounting

Easily match all work orders with the program’s associated accounting information.

Mobile View

Easily enable work orders on your mobile device for technicians to view in the field.

Create and Edit Work Orders

Work orders can be quickly created in the field by any user you wish to grant permission to. Creating work orders in the field saves time because the office isn’t reentering them.

Accept Work Orders in the Field

When work orders are created in the desktop, they can be “offered” to technicians in the field. Techs can accept them based on geographical proximity or other factors. Just a simple click of one button accepts a work order and stops it from being presented to others in the field.

Work Order Templates

Easily create work order templates for employees to easily add work orders on the fly.  Using templates will reduce typos, misspelling, and inaccurate descriptions.

Email Work Orders

Effortlessly email work orders to one or more addresses. The software will load a default email address.

Managing Service Invoices

Invoices can be created from work orders so there is never any double entry. Invoices may also be created from scratch – even if the custom is not already in the system. A blind copy (BCC) can be sent to the office or an address of your choice.

Capture Signatures and GPS Info

Work Orders, Invoices, Proposals, and Purchase Orders and other documents can include signatures. The client signs with their finger. No stylus needed. The latitude and longitude of the signature is also captured and stored for legal purposes.

Suppress All Pricing from Your Employees

Parts, labor, and repair pricing can be suppressed or hidden from any user. This is especially useful when creating work orders for commercial service calls where the client’s corporate policy dictates that employees and store managers must not see pricing information.

Separate Terms and Conditions for Work Orders

You can create specific language for each work order. If you have specific city or state requirements, this feature will make it easy to add what you need to the screen and printed form. Your lawyer will love it if ever needed.

Customizable Signature Area for Work Orders

The sentence just below the signature area can be customized to meet your needs. Example: I agree to the terms and conditions of my credit card.

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