Geo Time Tracker

Geo Time Tracker

Geo Time Tracker

Aptora’s Geo Time Tracker™ is the lightweight, simple to use time clock app for your field technicians.  It’s integrated with Total Office Manager® for ease of use and seamless payroll processing.  The Geo Time Tracker gives your employees the ability clock in and out in seconds right from their mobile device.

Geo Time Tracker Features

  • Field technicians clock in and out

  • Available on any smart phone or tablet

  • Apply on-the-clock time to a unique work order

  • Technicians can add notes for payroll administrator

  • Integrated chat system with saved chat history

  • Geo location recorded during clock in / out times

  • GPS location trackable with schedule board

  • Split drive time from working time

  • Offline mode will sync data once internet is established

  • Simple and easy to use for novice users


The Geo Time Tracker® app requires Total Office Manager® and the Mobile addon license with an active service agreement.   Additional user fees may apply.

Available from the Play Store® or App Store® (iOS® and Android®)

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