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The Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM) is an integrated part of Total Office Manager and its overall Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SOM allows you to enter and track Sales leads. You can set up product lists, Sales closure probability lists, qualifications lists, and Sales process stages.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Customers | Sales Opportunity Manager

Sales Opportunity Manager File Path

Field and Button Definitions

To create a new Sales Opportunity, select Sales Opportunity Manager from the Customers main Menu option and then select New Sales Opportunity.

Info Tab

Info Tab – Sales Opportunity Manager

  • Info Tab Date – Select the date Customer:Job: Select the Customer:Job for whom the Sales Opportunity is being created.
  • Customer:Job – Select the Customer:Job associated with this lead.
  • Bill to Address or Work Address – Select the button for either Bill To Address or Work Address associated with this lead.
  • Department – Select the Department associated with this lead.
  • Sales Rep – Select the Sales Rep working with this lead.
  • Marketing Source –Select the Marketing Source that generated the Sales Opportunity.
  • Product – Select or create the product that has the potential to be sold. This is a required field. Description: A brief description of the product.
  • Employee Lead – Select an employee who may have been associated with this sales opportunity.
  • Financing Activity – Select from:
    • Financing Offered and Bank Approved
    • Financing Offered. Bank Declined. Paid Cash
    • Financing Offered. Bank Declined. Sale Lost
    • Client Declined Financing (Paid Cash)
    • No Financing Was Offered
  • Description – Enter a short summary of the sales lead.
  • Qualified – Yes or No, determined by the list of questions you’ve created to determine whether or not a Sales lead is legitimate.
  • Timeframe – Choose a predefined timeframe (1-2 Weeks, 3-4 Weeks, 1-3 Months etc.)
  • Pop up “Notes” form when opening this Lead – Opens the Notes for the Customer:Job selected.
  • Follow-up Date – Select a date to follow up with the Customer:Job.
  • Anticipated Close Date – Select a date where the Sales Rep thinks the sale will be final.

Profile Tab

The Profile Tab provides more detail about the Lead that can be used to measure the wants and needs of the potential sale. Each question on the Profile Tab will be questions you’ve created. These questions will most likely be unique to you and your business.

Profile Tab – Sales Opportunity Manager

Sales Opportunity Tab

Sales Opportunity Tab

Sales Opportunity Tab

  • Product – Auto populated from the Info Tab.
  • Priority – Set a priority for this lead (Low, Medium, High).
  • Probability – A customizable field that states the name and percentage you have to win the sales opportunity.
  • Stage – At what stage in the Sales Process are you? (These stages will be defined by you).
  • Status – What is the status of this Sales lead? (On hold, In Progress, Awarded, Not Awarded (rejected).
  • Estimate – If an Estimate has been created within Total Office Manager it will appear in this dropdown list.
  • Amount –Amount of the selected Estimate. Reason Won/Lost: Enter a brief description of what won or lost the sale.
  • Resolved – When was the sale won or lost? Enter a date in the date field for recording purposes.
  • Explain Reason – A more in-depth description of the reason behind why the sale was won or lost.

Appointment Tab

The Appointment Tab will display any Appointments that have been created. By clicking the Appointments menu button, you can select from the available options to add/edit/delete appointments accordingly.

Appointments Tab – Sales Opportunity

  • New Appointment – Create a new Appointment.
  • Edit Appointment – Opens the selected Appointment if any changes need to be made.
  • Delete Appointment – Deletes the selected Appointment(s).
  • Complete Appointment – Marks the selected Appointment(s) as complete.
  • Find Appointment – Opens the Schedule Board to locate the Scheduled Appointment.
  • Memorize – Allows you to create multiple Appointments for multiple users given the same parameters of the selected Appointments.
  • Repeat Appointment – Allow you to have this appointment repeat on a specific date or future reoccurring dates. The User Defined Tab will list any User Defined Fields that you have set up and assigned to the Sales Opportunity Lead form.

User Defined Tab

The User Defined Tab will list any User Defined Fields that you have set up and assigned to the Sales Opportunity Lead form.

User Defined Tab – Sales Opportunity

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