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The Appointment function is a tool used to enter new appointments.


This form makes it easy to quickly schedule a task to be performed at a particular time and place.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Company | New Appointment or

  • From the keyboard, use the shortcut Ctrl+A.

  • From the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow just right of the View Schedule Board button and choose Create Appointment.

Field Definitions


Used to enter the name of the person the appointment is being schedule for. Choose from the drop down list or click the hand icon to the right of the field and enter a new employee.


Select a Customer:Job to associate with this appointment. The appointment will be included in the selected Customer:Job History form. Not required.


You may create and select appointment types. These work just like work order types. Examples may include “personal”, “business”, “medical:, etc.

Entered By

This field will automatically populate with the name of the person entering the information into the Appointment Window.


Use this area to enter the detailed information regarding the appointment. This information will appear on the Appointment List, Schedule Board, and Calendar.


This field will be automatically populated with the current date. Select the drop down arrow to the right of the field. This will display a calendar. Click on the date of the appointment.

Start Time

This field will be automatically populated with the current time. Use the directional arrows to select the appointment time.

All Day Event

Click the box to enter a check mark, indicating this is an all day event, and this employee will be out the entire day.

Duration In Minutes

The Approximated length of time for the appointment may be entered in this field, in increments of minutes, 60,120,240 etc.


Check mark this field if this is a private appointment and you don’t want others to observe the details. By checking the private field, the message will appear on the Appointment List, Schedule Board, and Calendar, but no details will be available. Note: The administrator can view all appointments, even ones marked private.

Remind Me

Checkmark this field if you want to be reminded you have a pending appointment for a certain time or date.

Remind Me

Use these two fields to indicate how you want to be reminded and when. Example: If you wanted to be reminded fifteen minutes ahead of time of a meeting, in the Remind Me field you would enter 15 and in the In Advance field (using the drop down menu) in Minutes.

In Advance

Alarm Dismissed

Checkmark this field If you do not want any further reminders for the particular appointment.


This field works like the inactive option works in many other forms.

Save & Close

Saves the appointment and exits the form.

Save & New

Saves the appointment then opens up a new blank form, ready to enter another appointment.


Exits the form without saving any entries or changes.

Menu | Save

Manually saves the appointment without exiting the form.

Menu | Email

Opens the computer’s default email editor and automatically prepares an email which contains the following appointment info: author, date, time, duration, completed status, and appointment description.  The “To” field of the email will automatically be populated with the employee’s email address, if that address has been properly entered in the employee’s record.
Menu | Revert This action is the same as if you clicked “Cancel”, chose NOT to save, then re-opened the existing appointment.
Menu | Print Previews a hard-copy of the appointment, which is then available for printing.
Menu | Delete Deletes the appointment.
Menu | History Opens the history form of the customer appearing in the “Cust:Job” field.
Menu | Edit Customer Opens the customer record for the customer appearing in the “Cust:Job” field.
Menu | Contact Log Opens the Contact Log of the customer appearing in the “Cust:Job” field.
Menu | Copy Opens a new appointment form, already filled out with the same information as the source appointment.  Simply make necessary adjustments and save the new appointment.
Menu | Repeat Appointment Opens the Repeat Appointments form, used to setup and create reoccurring appointments based on frequency, day of the week to occur, etc.  See the topic “Repeat Appointments” for detailed usage information.
Menu | Help Opens this very help topic for review.


  • When entering the appointment date, you may high light the field and just type in the date.

  • When entering the appointment time, you may high light the field and just type in the time.

  • When entering the Remind Me/ In Advance, your options are; minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

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