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Field Service Payroll Software

Total Office Manager’s built-in Field Service Payroll Software integrates full payroll management into your enterprise software solution.  With Total Office Manager®, there are no per-employee fees saving your company thousands per year.

Managed Tax Tables 

All 50 USA states are covered. We maintain all tax rules, rates, thresholds, and other important payroll information. Payroll is updated as needed with regular software updates that we make available. You can enter your own unemployment tax rates and we handle all Credit Reduction states. 

No Ongoing Fees 

Avoid costly ongoing fees. Others charge $30.00 per month or more for each and every employee. That’s after you have already bought their software. We don’t charge extra for payroll. As long as you have an active support plan, you can rest assured that your payroll system is always up to date. 

Third Party Payroll Interface 

Export and import from ADP, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity, WebPay, and Sure Payroll. You can maintain these formats or create your own from scratch. 

Unlimited Payroll Items 

Create unlimited earnings, taxes, liabilities, deductions, additions, and time off types as needed. This offers extreme flexibility when it comes to setting up compensation methods. 

Track History of Raises 

Our payroll system tracks all changes to an employee’s payroll including raises. This information is strictly controlled through security. 

Payroll Templates 

Save a lot of time when setting up employees. Simply select a payroll template, adjust the numbers as needed, and you are all set. 

Direct Deposit 

Set up bank accounts for each employee and the payroll system does the rest. You no longer need to print check and paystubs can be paperless PDFs. Save time and save money by reducing paper and processing costs. 

Sales Commissions 

You can setup sales commissions for each employee. There are multiple calculation methods and rule possibilities including paying on profit margin – not just revenue. No double entry. You no longer need to waste time managing complicated spreadsheets that are no integrated into your payroll system. 

Certified Payroll 

Allows you to produce a certified payroll report showing prevailing wages (Davis-Bacon wages) for each employee. Includes information such as company, project, employee name, last four of social security number, job classification, hours worked, overtime, and more. Built-in certified payroll reports allow you to comply with federally funded job without buying and learning complicated specialized software. 

Unionized Payroll 

Setup employee payroll by union and easy handle payroll by union. Print reports by union. 

Payroll Taxes by Job Location 

Setup default local and state payroll taxes according to the location of where the person worked. This feature is a must for Washington State, Iowa, and several other locations. 

Worker’s Compensation 

Create unlimited work comp codes and track payroll details by those codes. This feature can reduce worker’s compensation expenses and reduce liability by properly classifying labor expenses. 

Employee Efficiency 

Track hours paid against hours sold. Track payroll expenses against gross profit dollars produced. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

Time-Off Tracking 

Establish paid time off (PTO) rules and thresholds, the payroll system will track eligibility, hours used, unused time, etc. Time off adjustments can be made easily. Pay stubs will show your employees exactly what they have used and how much they have left so they should be fewer questions for you to answer. 

Easy Payroll Liability Management 

The payroll system includes a great Pay Payroll Liabilities system that makes it easy to track and pay your taxes. The system keeps track of who to pay, how much, and when it is due. You will always have the correct information. Reminders can be set so that you never pay late. 

Federal Reporting 

Many federal forms are built in such as 940, 941, W2, W3, 1099, 1098, and more. We maintain these forms so that they are always accurate. 

Customized Reports 

Build your own payroll related reports. You will have access to important payroll information when you need it. 

Detailed Paystubs 

Many software companies miss the importance of a good detailed paystub. Real managers know how useful an informative paystub is and so does Aptora. You can select between a standard paystub or a detailed paystub that can span one or more pages. 

Payroll Liability Adjustments 

It is easy for payroll manages to make adjustments to the company’s or employee’s payroll liabilities. 

Pay Payroll Liabilities 

The software automatically keeps track of what has been withheld and what needs to be matched. You will know who you owe, how much, and when it must be paid. All payroll liabilities can be paid in just minutes. 

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